Third Wheel

Former dick-a-day feature Christian Medina takes on the screen name Dustin Jose and completes the triumvirate of sexy, nekkid guys in the new movie Kubli. This movie, written and directed by Paul Singh Cudail under Golden Pot Productions, tells the story of, uh, gay love. Watch the premiere on 15 August 2011 [Monday] 8 p.m. at the UP Film Institute, UP Diliman, Quezon City. For tickets [Php 200 each] call or text 0920.982 7113 [Rey Pancho].


Time changes some things in a man. The size of his hips. The color of his skin. Maybe some growth of little hairs in his body. The breadth of his chest. Throw in a few pounds on the buttocks and the legs. In the early 00s, Christian Medina was a fledgling Bulacan lad who entered a national bikini contest and had his picture taken back stage [left photo]. A year ago, he resurfaced as an indie flick actor in Heavenly Touch, mighty and muscled. His more recent photo is the one on the right, and the improvement shows. He is now trying his luck as an actor in digital films.

The Boys Are Back!

The aquarium’s full! The boys of Heavenly Touch are in full force Let’s see – there’s Marco leading the pack, the other veteran Paolo by his side and the top newbie Joash. In the background are exotic Ralph and daring Christian. Plus a host of others. It seems like Heavenly Touch is on a slow night. Who’s your choice, and why? You can take two, if you like.

Hello Boys!

These are the other boys in DMV Entertainment’s new movie entitled Heavenly Touch. Previous dick-a-day feature  Christian Medina is there, plus a host of others, who are all portraying masseurs in some seedy gay place.  This new movie of Marco Morales gets strong, stiff and solid support from the boys above and mainly from the resurfacing sexy boy Paolo Serrano and frosh Joash Balejado.  Some of the boys above are quite cute, if you ask me. This Joel Lamangan-directed movie’s tentatively set for a May preem.

Dick-a-Day: Christian Medina

It’s post-Christmas weekend and what are you planning to do?  After all the chaos, adrenaline rush and euphoria over the holidays, it is time to rest and relax! Christian Medina is our boy for today, in the altogether.  And while he noticeably rubber-choked the monkey, 23-year-old Christian still looks slinky and hot in this image.  He was a regular entertainer at the bar formerly known as Lips, a native of Balagtas in Bulacan province and stands 5’10”.  

Béton Brut: Labor Day Special

[l-r: Lester Quijano, Arnel Valencia, Anton Reyes,
Anthony Torres,Horace Rivera and Christian Medina]

Béton Brut literally means “concrete in the raw’, that is, concrete left in its natural state when the formwork is removed [The term gave the name Brutalism to the style of modern architecture in which exposed concrete is exploited as a feature]. It’s an architectural term that first came to mind when I saw these sweaty muscular young men in a construction area. Probably it was a stylist’s [and photog’s] fantasy to feature young men in scenes of figuration and erection, with all the contours, cuts and casts. Lovely, indeed.