Fire It Up

Speaking of underwear endorsers, Christian Vasquez has remained loyal to the comfy, soft briefs and undergarments of Baleno for several years now. The 33-year-old hunk, actor and former runway model was launched as the brand’s main man in the summer of 2002. From then on, he has appeared in various ads wearing only the Baleno line of skivvies and underthings through the years. He’s still one hot model, if you ask me.


The only question left to ask, after posting this picture of hot hunks: If you were given a chance to choose just one guy from the photo, who would it be and why? Maybe you will pick Paolo Paraiso, hot daddy yet all too yummy. Or maybe the short boyish one, Luis Alandy. There are still others who go for the man-on-the-street appeal of Jay Manalo. Or the hunky former models Christian Vasquez and Reggie Curley. And what’s the name of the chunky one with the buzz cut? Carlo Maceda! The first winner of the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit, most memorable because he appeared then in tight briefs showing off the huge bulge of his penis. I’ll take them all, if you ask me. These Barako Boys of yore.


Model-turned-actor Christian Vasquez is busy still on tv. He’s playing support these days in ABS-CBN’s shows and soaps. The 32-year-old hunk is not complaining, though, as he gets to work continuously and on a regular basis. He is also a favorite lately in the indie movie circuit – he has finished three flicks already this year. Christian Vasquez may not be as lustrous now as the time he started his career in showbiz, but this hunk daddy from Bacolod City is still very much around, quietly working in the background.

Mishmash. Candid.

Some cleaning to do. These are varied photos sent in to my email, which photos are up for deletion. Might as well share them with you guys, on a slow Saturday morning. There’s Aga Muhlach sleeping shirtless, while Christian Vasquez is half awake in his boxers.

Diether Ocampo, rarely seen on tv these days and busy with his charities, takes off his shirt in a public function, while swimmer and teen actor Enchong Dee flexes for the camera.

And then there’s Angelo Ilagan [white shorts] , turning 18 this month, who caused quite a stir recently with his sexy photos released in the web. Joross Gamboa [middle photo] is making a comeback from a showbiz lapse but has reportedly turned down a gay role in a movie recently. There’s perennial bachelor Paolo Bediones [34 years old] in a rare amateur photo.

And the naked guy in the hazy photo is Omar Principe of the male dancing group Masculados.

Sexy Single Dads

Models-turned-actors Christian Vasquez [left] and Paolo Paraiso are just two of the sexy single fathers in showbiz. The 6’1″-tall Christian Vasquez, who is now 30 years old, has a son tucked somewhere in Bacolod. On the other hand the 6′-tall 25-year-old Paolo Paraiso has an infant son with an ex-live-in partner. Both dads appeared together in the Vagina Monologues knock off, Penis Talks, and in the now-defunct sexy group, Barako Boys. Paolo is now an exclusive talent for GMA Artist Center while Christian is still a freelance actor.

Missing Reggie and Christian

Reggie Curley and Christian Vasquez have a lot in common. They both started out as male mannequins for Manila’s top designers before going into showbiz. They were Cosmo centerfolds for quite some time. The guys came out of nowhere then: Reggie from Pampanga to beat the top models at that time in the Bodyshots 1996 contest, and Christian from Bacolod who cornered every modeling assignment in town. The boys met when they did the Vagina Monologues-ripoff, Penis Talks. After that, they formed a male act called Barako Boys, which didn’t last long as it immediately got disbanded. These days, Reggie [turning 30 this year] and Christian [30] are nowhere to be found, as showbiz offers are getting scarce for them. Too bad, these hot papis can still give them young actors a run for their treadmills.

Where is Christian Vasquez?

I remember quite clearly the first time I saw Christian Vasquez. It was at the defunct Latino bar at the corner of Orosa and Remedios Streets in Malate District, the de facto home of the queer population in Manila. Christian Vasquez was then starting out in modeling – tall, young, mestizo and fresh. He was always in the company of this biggety designer [Paul C], who, when drunk with tequila and attention, always boasted that he was the first one who got into Christian’s pants. Much to the envy of the other patronizing guests at the time. Of course, Christian went on to become the toast of the modeling world, then tv commercials, before he leaped towards tv soaps, movies and theater [as one of the jockeyed cast of Penis Talks, a Vagina Monologues-male clone]. He even ventured into singing, as part of the late unlamented group Barako Boys. After taking on buffoon roles in the movies, Christian Vasquez has apparently gone to showbiz la-la land. Good thing his underwear billboards and ads are still up – to remind us that once, there was a fresh-faced hunk with a charming Southern accent who brought us thrills and chills.

Remembrance of Hunks Past: Barako Boys

The success of the Vagina Monologues male ripoff in Manila, aptly called Penis Talks, inspired the creative minds of the male leads’ talent managers to form a group for their wards. The group, resolutely named as Barako Boys, was then formed, which was composed of actors Jay Manalo [now 33 years old], Christian Vasquez [30], Luis Alandy [26], Reggie Curley [29], Carlo Maceda [30s], and Paolo Paraiso [25]. The group came out with an album under BMG Records, which was a mild hit. After performing in tv shows and live concert appearances, the Barako Boys simply vanished and disbanded. Of course, some of the boys are still around in the biz, albeit no longer collectively. Jay Manalo is still acting in movies and tv series, usually in father roles. Christian Vasquez, the model turned actor, is also doing guest appearances on tv and his Liberated series for Seiko Films just didn’t get sequels anymore. Luis Alandy, who was launched originally by GMA-7 as one of its stable of actors but who eventually jumped ship to ABS-CBN, can be seen in tv soaps as a freelancer. Reggie Curley, Bodyshots 1996 titleholder, has disappeared and probably gone back to his native Angeles City. Carlo Maceda, Mossimo Bikini Summit 2002 grand winner, has married and no longer makes regular appearances in the biz. And Paolo Paraiso, one of the top PMAP models before joining showbiz, has recently separated from his live-in partner for years and is doing minor guest roles on tv.