Everyone’s Talking About…

Amor Y Muerte, that Cinemalaya entry of daring singer Markki Stroem. According to the film festival’s website, Amor Y Muerte is “an erotic 16th century period drama …[that] examines the initial encounter between the natives and their colonizers and their conflicting views on love, passion, religion and sexuality.” Well, the biggest revelation is, of course …..

Markki who gets to do some nudity in blink-and-you-will-miss-it scenes. Remember we mentioned this last February, with Jake Cuenca initially tapped to do the part?

Future Perfect

Good news to Markki Strøm fans:  The Filipino-Norwegian singer and theater actor will soon star in a movie tentatively titled Amor y Muerte for the Directors Showcase in the 2013 Cinemalaya Philippine Indiependent Film Festival.  Markki reportedly agreed to take on the lead with the frontal nudity requirement.  Jake Cuenca was supposed to be the first choice but he backed out due to conflicts in his schedule.  Now, we’ll soon find out what’s in that basket!

Ananda Lovin’

Apparently, Laotian-Australian actor Ananda Everingham has gotten sexier these days, with a leaner bod and an edgier look. The 30-year-old hottie is starring with Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Alandy in the Cinemalaya entry Kalayaan [Wilderness]. The film “explores the effects of isolation” as it depicts the lives of soldiers stationed in the Kalayaan group of islands, off the coast of Palawan. Kalayaan is an entry in this year’s Directors’ Showcase in Cinemalaya, which will be held 20-29 July 2012.

Jay in demand

There’s a movie in Cinemalaya 2008 that is  giving film critics something to talk about. Writer-director-producer Francis Xavier Pasion’s Jay is the story of two Jays – one living, and the other dead. According to the director: “The film defamiliarizes the operations of media, tv in particular, in bringing us their stories.  It shows how media can subtly give us their own version of the truth.” Too, although there are gay characters in the movie, the first-time director clarifies that this is not a gay movie. Baron Geisler [photo above, left], who is co-starring with Coco Martin, reportedly had a frontal nudity scene “which was integral to the story.” I think the next schedule of Jay will be on Saturday July 19, 3.30 pm at the CCP MKP Hall.