Part Two

Now that the sensational prime time soap of GMA, My Husband’s Lover has ended, many are still itching for another pair, a handsome-boys tandem to portray happy but ill-fated lovers on screen. In the mold of TomDen – Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, of course.
 Maybe a Jake CuencaPaulo Avelino partnership? They do well on tv, plus they have no qualms with the butt-baring, bulge-brandishing scenes, thanks to their experience modeling underwear for local brand Bench Body. Portmanteau: PauJake or Jakulo

How about GMA performers, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino as a couple? They can and will do anything for that elusive thing called fame.  Portmanteau: EnCo or RoNzo
Oh, the boys have grown! Arron Villaflor and Sam Concepcion, erstwhile lanky-sissy teens have all emerged from baby fat. Perhaps they can be a duo on tv, kissing and making out. Portmanteau: SamRon
 Or Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin? They will have to do the adult version, of the hopeless and angst-ridden romance variety. With lots of physical and intimate contact, of course. Perfect for late prime time.  Portmanteau: PioCo or CoPio  

 Teejay Marquez and Zuher Bautista for the TeeHer love team [to the chagrin of you-know-who]? Why not? It will be a launching of sorts. But then again, I’m digressing. Silly me.

No End

On the occasion of the premiere of the much-awaited prime time tv series Walang Hanggan [loosely trans. No End], lead actors Coco Martin and Paulo Avelino make an appearance together in this homage post. These poster boys of the casting couch are taking the fun ride to tv stardom. Will this make a big star out of Paulo, who is only doing support in this series? Will this make a bigger star of Coco? Of course, we all know the answers.


It will take a very long time when Coco Martin will pose again like the one in the photo above. Or even do this. That is because he’s now on mainstream and prime time tv, acting his heart out like the way he used to in independently-produced movies a few years back, sans the nudity. His network’s got his back, and he is being groomed to be a dramatic lead. Unfortunately for us, he may have to wear his clothes for now.

Level Up

I would like to believe that Coco Martin made it in ABS-CBN because of sheer talent. Well, the fact that he is cute also put in the plus factor. From his small and humble beginnings as an indie movie actor, usually with gay themes, Coco has jumped into the small screen as one of the leading men. It is not actually a sellout to commercial and cutesy fare as Coco still portrays his roles with the same versatile and natural ability, full of nuance, as he did in his indie flicks of yore. Now, he’s gotten popular mainstream, to countless viewers of the station’s shows, thanks to his exposure on the prime time hit Tayong Dalawa.

Coco’s Position

ABS-CBN – where Coco Martin is a talent – puts an intelligent and creative spin to the Serbis situation:  Coco Martin is hot property these days and at the height of his preparation for one of the fantasy roles in the new series Agimat, video clips of his controversial sex scenes suddenly appear in the internet.  Too, according to the smart spinmeisters, he wasn’t aware that the French version [with the penis shots] will reach our shores, despite that thing called technology.  In any case, he says that he’ll do anything for his craft including exposing his privates because his body is part of acting. Or something to that effect. Right. I agree. In the meantime, that’s Coco Martin up there, sans boils in his buttocks.

More Cococaps!

I had to see for myself.  I downloaded Serbis [with French subtitles] on Azureus through the Mininova BitTorrent search engine as recommended by readers.  It took some time, but it was worth the waiting.  On the 26th minute, the sex scene between dear Coco and that pesky woman happens. I made the screenshots myself. Now, penis prosthetics or not, the video captures above stir such wild imaginings of our King of Indie Flicks! 

Is This Coco?

Recently, photos of purported screenshots of Coco Martin in the Cannes-entry Serbis circulated in the worldwide web. This was supposed to be the scene where Coco is having discomfort while doing the deed with the lead actress because of the nasty boil on his buttocks. A friend who has the video of the Cannes version swears that there was no such scene where the penis of Coco was displayed for what seemed like eternity. Yet, the screen captures being posted around were generous in the dick shots, which had Coco in hard work with the woman. The video of Serbis where the sceencaps were ostensibly taken, was bought abroad as released by Fortissimo Films [the film distribution outfit that snagged the international rights to sell the movie].

Studs No More

Whatever happened to The Studs, that motley group of boys put together by GMA-7? Indie movie actor Coco Martin has gone mainstream and jumped over to the other station for a regular soap.  GMA-7 contract artist Mike Tan, who’s getting more delish as he matures, is also doing projects for his home studio plus some theater on the side.  Dion Ignacio gets supporting roles in GMA, while JC Cuadrado has gained some poundage and lands hosting jobs in quiz bees.  The younger ones, Edgar Allan Guzman and Felix Roco are waiting on the wings. 

Derek and Coco together

There’s a small movie, actually an episode of ABS-CBN’s drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya shown last week, that got the guys raving about the story and the actors. Entitled Boarding House, the episode starred the unlikely pair of Derek Ramsay [left] and Coco Martin. Since this one’s on primetime tv, there was no obligatory sex scene in the gay plot. In the episode, Derek is a straight man who has a history of sexual abuse, while Coco is the quiet gay guy. It’s a pretty interesting story as narrated by well-meaning friends who got to watch it. I just hope there’s a replay pretty soon.