Desire, Too

Young actor Dominic Roque is shedding his clothes again [he did just that when he was a wee bit younger in a Penshoppe underwear ad with Akihiro, Victor and Matteo ages ago].  This time, he’s in an afternoon soap Moon of Desire as one of the lead actors. Will he drop his pants again?

Sexy Dancer

Isn’t Jan Stephen Noval the cutest dancer? The prized and popular member of the Gforce dance group should have a solo spot. Heck, he can even go alone in showbiz, with his more influential backers and benefactors. I think he has a lot of promise, bump and grinding his way to the top.


Is 18-year-old GMA contract talent Derrick Monasterio gearing up for sexy time? Now that he’s of legal age, the young actor and performer maybe rising to the challenge of more mature roles and portrayals on tv.  He’s all set for the big time now.


So this is the image of Kristofer Martin promoting 
his latest soap Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw in GMA. 
Whaddya think  [or feel]? Hot or not?


How I wish we could all be voyeurs, watching Enrique Gil by his bedroom window. Undressing and teasing. Maybe he could do a little dance, with that sexy thing that he does with his grinding.

Young and Daring

They’re starting young! Nineteen-year-old Kristofer Martin is in the news lately. His shirtless pics, taken as part of the promo for his up-and-coming early evening soap Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw  a la Blue Lagoon, were not released by GMA management for, uh, propriety reasons.  Apparently, he’s being groomed as the next matinee idol of the station. In the meantime, here’s one shirtless pic that sifted through the GMA filter.

Or maybe this one.

Barely Legal

Back to younger guys. I’m betting my bottom dollar on eighteen-year-old Akihiro Blanco for stardom in the next few years. He’s cute and tall and he can act well. For now, he’s honing his skills in TV5 where he was discovered in the reality show won by Aljur’s bro.  Akihiro can be seen on prime time via the sitcom Madam Chairman.


The king of bikini contests is arguably Allen Molina. His derring-do on stage is one for the books. Butt, gouch and lots of uncovered skin make him the winner in almost all of the competitions in town [and out of town]. What prompted him to do such acts is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy path to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod. 

King of the Gil

Everybody loves Enrique Gil and he’s mounting a big concert tonight at the Araneta Coliseum. Of course, he’s going to do those sexy dance routines. Some gyrating here and there. A pelvic thrust or two. The usual Enrique Gil fare. Who knows he might flash those bubble buttocks again. Who’s watching?
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