Dandan Delight

There’s renewed interest in hottie Daniel Matsunaga in briefs. I don’t know why, because he’s been doing this briefs-and-airbrushed-bulge thing for years already. And then again, we’re not complaining. He’s a brown god, ready to be worshiped anytime!

A Fresh Start

While we are on his story: It has been a while since we last saw Daniel Matsunaga in his sexiest photo shoot. Yes, that was then when he was just, uh, learning how to shave in a foreign land. Now that he’s single, I guess he’ll be getting hottie-nekkid anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with these latest underwear shots for his new endorsement. Hot, eh!

Dan Dan Dan!

DanielIn a few days, Daniel Matsunaga will lead a motley group of actors, models, ex-prostitutes and wannabes in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2015 show. Of course, it will be tame like a lame tame crane, since that’s in the local magazine franchise’s standing memo. Nevertheless, we’ll get to see shirtless guys. Like Daniel here.

photoWho’s faking the nekkid-under-the-blanket schtick all along.  I prefer vintage Daniel, if you ask me.


Wasn’t it in a recently-aired morning show where Daniel Matsunaga revealed casually that he takes a shower once a week, Wednesdays perhaps? Or maybe I was just hearing things. Which got me thinking: Would anyone still want to sleep with this hot, hot chunk of a man, given that revelation? 


Daniel so hot, he’s getting better with age. Don’t you think so?

Misibis Bay Hunkarama

Tonight is the start of absfest evenings on TV5 as the prime time “sexy revenge drama series Misibis Bay set in the luxury island playground of the same name” premieres! The stars are sexy, delish boys with washboard abs.

Daniel Matsunaga plays the eldest brother, Andrew Cadiz. 
He is the most focused and business-minded among the three brothers.

Victor Silayan is the second son, Bernard Cadiz. 
He is “a roguish playboy,” who loves to party and have fun.  
He is at odds with his brothers.

Vin Abrenica is the youngest son, Charlie Cadiz. 
He is kind and mild-mannered. 
Luke Jickain plays Tommy, a hunky lifeguard


Who’s watching Misibis Bay? “TV5 will be launching its first ever sexy revenge drama miniseries Misibis Bay that will make prime time viewing hotter, more stirring, and heartrending this July.” That’s  how the PR goes, and it got me with “heartrending.”  Plus, of course, the three hunky brothers in the series – Jome Silayan n.k.a. Victor Silayan, Daniel Matsunaga, and Vin Abrenica, who are all wet and doing away with shirts for the entire duration of the show. I think. 

Everybody’s in Boracay

Heck yeah, everybody – just about every Tom, Dick and Harriet I know is in the paradise island. The models, particularly. They’re all over the island shirtless and sweaty. Like Daniel and Junemac. Divine bods, if you ask me. Who’s hotter?

Oh Dani Boy!

It has been a while since we last saw Daniel Matsunaga in his sexiest photo shoot. Yes, that was then when he was just, uh, learning how to shave in a foreign land. Now that he’s busy in Philippine showbiz, I guess we won’t be seeing him nekkid anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with his pits and hot bod. Hot, anyways!


Well, Rafael Rosell had one.  Definitely, Andrew Wolff got caught in a similar situation. Now, we have Brazilian model-in-town Daniel Matsunaga in some nasty shot, too! Photo was taken in Palawan when the hunky nipo-brasileiro took a vacation recently with his model friends. Are you loving it? 
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