Remember David Chua of BenchBody fame? He had it all going a few years ago – tv soaps and endorsements, until he quietly disappeared from the limelight.  I’m pretty sure you, and you, have stories to narrate, and they’re quite interesting. These days, Mr. Chua, former Mr. University of Santo Tomas, has added some poundage and looks older. Comments section is now open.

The Year That Was: Pfft

Who in his right frame of mind would reject these two? I mean, saying No to Joseph Marco [above] and David Chua on the casting couch? These hot boys should be leading men by now in ABS-CBN. What happened?

Despite their readiness to do almost anything for a shot at stardom a la Coco or Paulo, Joseph and David are still relegated to the background. They are merely doing bit and support roles for big name actors in the station. We love these boys but their careers didn’t quite take off in 2012 the way we expected.  Maybe in 2013 then?

Casting Couch

The surprise model for the new campaign of Bench Body is David Chua. You have seen him before in some shows on ABS-CBN with Gerald Anderson. Unfortunately, his showbiz career did not quite take off. This 21-year-old graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas [he was Mr. UST in 2009], is now a regular feature in Bench runway shows.