Oily, Sweaty


This may very well be called the Shirtless Cuties Post Du Jour! Or maybe Male Fantasy Collection. Whatever floats your boat. First up is Daniel, who is in his usual dreary, lifeless self. Or maybe, he just poses like that, silly me, I don’t mind at all if he’s that utterly cute!


Or boytoy David, who is also a cutie and a favorite boy in showbiz, if you know what I mean. And then again, that is not my business, as I can only marvel from this far at David gracing us with his shirtless presence.

LumbaAnd another boytoy Mauro, dark and swarthy, of course. I can almost smell the testosterone in the studio: that sweet, heady mix of sweat, stale cologne and all the boy juices from these models.  With these three, there’s no more fitting, or fit, model-boys to start the weekend off right!

Team Cuties


The image above is proof that life is unfair sometimes: so many beautiful boys in one picture. Can you smell the testosterone? Of course, they have to look good! These are the younger models who are dominating the runways of late.  Now, if only we can choose among Erie Obsena, Daniel Velasco, Guillermo Cuerva and David Licauco. Life is hard.

The Boy

IMG_1361 IMG_1362

Oh, you won’t hear it from me, all those stories about the casting couch and racy stuff. Today, David Licauco is the struggling actor, model and 2014 Mr. Chinatown first runner-up. He’s breaking into showbiz, and sometimes, it’s enough that one has a pretty face and bangin’ bod. Those two attributes will get you anywhere in show business.


IMG_1327There was a time David Licauco was rumored to be one of the boyfriends of a prominent (and loud) showbiz personality. Of course, he was just starting out then and he needed all the exposures and publicity in the whole wide world. These days, the cute 21-year-old – who shot to relative 15-minutes of fame via the Mr. Chinatown route – is pursuing his acting career, thanks to special people guiding his way.

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