Dennis the menace

dennis11Witness how Dennis Trillo manages to torture us with his constant teasing. Somehow he still arouses, cranking up the heat in some ways. I’ve always liked this guy, not only for his good looks but also for his naturally shy demeanor. In person, he looks short and small, but what the heck, Dennis  turns up the appeal dial to the high levels!

Dennis on top

DENnisDoes Dennis Trillo take great pleasure in shedding his clothes off and teasing, flashing in public? Because he’s always naked in pictures in social media or maybe shirtless when he’s sober, Dennis might easily be mistaken for an exhibitionist. You know, that compulsive behavior to expose the private parts – except, that he has not put on view his penis yet. I’m not complaining, though.

Other young men

DencioMr. Trillo in underwear always brings out the teenage girl in me. I can blush at that fine physique for hours! He’s always teased us all these years in shirtless photos, but it is only now for Bench Body that he’s all out boxer-briefs sexy – warts, tats, bulge and all.

Enzo1 copy

I’m conflicted with this boy sometimes. He’s not just consistent with his look. Enzo Pineda is not really the teenybopper or even the hunky type, but he has his attributes. That brown skin. That nice runner’s bod. At some angles he has a fine mug. No doubt he’s packing it in this photo!

Sighs at thighs

DennisNot to be outdone with the onslaught of boys-posing-provocatively ads, Dennis Trillo is also making a bid for the racy spot in underwear endorsement. The newest endorser for Bench Body makes an appearance in boxer briefs, legs and all. Here’s hoping he’ll do size-under white briefs pretty soon.

Dennis HD


Oh, such gay gladdening! While we’re getting a lot of sexy images of late about this boy Dennis Trillo, we’re not complaining. Mr. Trillo is having the time of his [underwear modeling] life! Yes, he’s the current favoritest in the underwear company’s backlot (or basement) and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures soon! Maybe the VPL and money  shot next?


Sexy Being


Oh, there! Dennis Trillo is going sexy as in underwear sexy and there’s no stopping him. After his stint in the Bench show last September, it seems like the 33-year-old actor is going all out in his tiny skivvies to promote the local company.  We should all thank the stars for Bench Body, the last remaining big business which is getting all the bigger actors and models to, well, drop their pants.  Who’s your next sexy bet in showbiz?

Hot Man


Witness how Dennis Trillo manages to torture us with his constant teasing. Somehow he still arouses, cranking up the heat in some ways. Like this one, when he’s supposed to show us the full bikini shot with the penis line visible to the nekkid eye. Instead he chooses some boxer briefs. Of course, he’s still a hottie.

Tats Miscellaneous

Oh, these boys and what they do to their bodies! Do you think they’re sexy?

carlo-sawit copy

Baby-faced Carlo Sawit gets the message across.


Cutie Carlo Guevara shows off the obvious ones (he has 3 stars on his butt cheeks)


Brazilian Diego Furoni goes vanilla –  on his arm.


Erstwhile teenybopper Polo Ravales prefers the ink sleeve.


Bikini boy Rez Fil with the hidden message.

jiro3 copy

Underwear model Jiro Shirakawa likes ’em hip.


While model Mark McMahon wants it on the waist.

ronnie t

Notorious social media boy Ronnie Toribio put one on his neck.


Jake Cuenca strategically places it lower.


And Dennis Trillo has it all over.

TomDen Returns pt. 2

TomDen1Lots more of TomDen photos from the Bench show last weekend.


Undoubtedly, Dennis Trillo is smokin’ hot in that pair of underwear!


He had to take off the jacket to show off his fine physique.


Then they meet.


Presumably to kiss.


Note Tom’s clenched butt.


So there. I hope you’re happy. And giddy. And in love

TomDen Returns pt.1





The Bench Body night was owned by the reel life love team of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo. They made the girls and girls swoon, as one by one they came out to tickle the crowd’s collective fancy. Tom went in first. He dangerously lowered his pants to reveal some Brazilian done.


Plus the obligatory buttocks tease.


Then walked Dennis Trillo, who finally donned a pair of briefs in public after a long period of underwear endorsements.

Dennis1 Dennis2 Dennis4 Dennis3

And the crowd went really wild.

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