Dennis Trillo poses for Metro Body

Beleaguered actor Dennis Trillo does some spin doctoring to his image, as he poses sexily in Metro Magazine’s 2007 Metro Body. Subject of a much-publicized catfight between two girls, Dennis was criticized for keeping mum all throughout the fuss. When he spoke about the matter, it was too late, as the girls kissed and made up and ganged up on the poor guy.

Dennis Trillo doesn’t go to the gym

New daddy Dennis Trillo is on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health [Philippines] magazine. He revealed that he does not go to the gym to develop his physique. He has his own DIY exercise regimen, which includes boxing for cardio, pushups and two sets of dumbbell exercises for his arms, chest and upper body. For the cover shoot, he did a month-long “100 pushups a day, 50 Arnold’s presses with 15-pound dumbbells, twenty pull-ups, and another twenty close-grips.” It looks like his routine did wonders for his diminutive frame.

Zaido: Boys in Tights

GMA 7 will launch on Monday, September 24 its newest primetime series, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan [Space Cops], based on Japanese tv program Shaider. Dennis Trillo [middle], Marky Cielo [left] and Aljur Abrenica will lead the series. The tv show is originally aimed at kids and 80s kids [who grew up with the metal hero series Shaider] but it looks like there is great anticipation from the gay guys too, as the buzz is on the lead actors’ bumps and blobs in their tight pants.

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