Good Relations


I honestly think the writers and people behind Karelasyon are perversely tickling and teasing us with their latest episode: Derrick gets to bed Baron (or the other way around, depending on who is your sexy fancy).


How can one resist those arms and sweet kisses and the smell of soap and manly secretions?


This is the PR for the show:  In this Saturday’s episode of Karelasyon, Baron plays John Lloyd, a closet case who is longing to find true love. He meets PJ (Derrick) who seems to be his ideal man. Is he or is he just playing with his feelings? Well, I don’t mind PJ playing with my feelings, if you ask me. Do you?

Karelasyon airs tomorrow a 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

In B & W

AJI haven’t tried posting black-and-white photos, but there’s always a first time. Maybe it will work a la Herb Ritts.  Although the bright colors have been removed, I think they’ll do just fine highlighting the male beaut. First photo is ex-varsity baller and now-model AJ Hanson, who’s a favorite of The Old Queen whenever he/it visits New York City.

derekAnd then there’s Derek Ramsay, who’s relevant again because he has a movie coming up. Of course, he’s always relevant in the biz, as long as he takes off his shirt and flashes his sweaty abs anytime!

ENCHONGSpeaking of relevance, popular actor Enchong Dee is also in black and white, drawing attention to his fine little-boy features.

hideoOne of our favoritest Brazilians overstaying-in-town Hideo Muraoka is flashing those sturdy limbs and gams. He can stay in this country forever, I wish!

TomasTom Rodriguez is the actor-of-the-hour with his take on the leading-man role in GMA’s best bet in prime time ratings, Marimar. In one of his promo photos, he’s all-too sexy even if it’s in black and white.

JesseSomeraTo prove to you that B & W works also in sexy shots, here’s a photo of Filipino-American model Jesse Somera, giving us a glimpse of his bright future in the industry. If it’s in B&W, it must be artsy (even if there’s male nudity)!

Beach Boys

My only wish these days – with the flooding of my Timeline with countless Boracay photos of friends and random strangers [e.g. Boracay day 1, day 2, day 35, ugh], is this: more good-looking, hunky boys in dem pictures in the bestest beach in the world! Just like images of Victor Basa [leftmost], Will Devaughn [middle] or Derek Ramsay, shirtless and primping and flexing under the sun. Well, a smattering of bikini boys would be a welcome sight, too.

The Year That Was: Resurgence

The year 2011 saw a lot of careers getting revived, each pump-primed to a second life and how! Topping the list is Derek Ramsay. After years of relative success, the hunky actor suddenly struck gold with the crazy box-office take of his third quarter movies, the campy drama No Other Woman and the inane comedy The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, the two highest-grossing Filipino flicks of 2011.

In runner-up position would have to be Dennis Trillo. After a series of bad luck [and bad press] in the past, Dennis got busy in 2011 – three movies and two tv soaps where he played leading man. Such feat, in retrospect, is unmatched by his peers in the industry.

Honorable mention [from the top, clockwise] – Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka disappeared after his hugely popular tighty-whities ad campaign for F & H and came back with a bigger bang as top model for leading department store SM. Actor Jericho Rosales, on a career slump for the past few years, is slowly getting back into lead actor position with new soaps and shows for ABS-CBN. Model Borgy Manotoc is suddenly all over the ubiquitous Bench Body boards in the metro, after retreating from the limelight for years.
Bikini boy Johnron Tanada who hastily left the Philippines for a Macau gig also re-appeared – still in fine come-hither form – and did a couple of daring indie flicks. GMA exclusive Mike Tan, after languishing in supporting-actor roles for years in the station, greatly benefitted from the Paulo Avelino departure and quickly grabbed prime roles. Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga recovered from his past Bangkok scandal and quickly transitioned into doing TV, some movies and major TVC deals.

Ages ago ….

….Derek Ramsay still had lots of hair, and was just starting out. Of course, the potential was there and he was just waiting for his grand time in showbiz. He’s now one of the more sought-after leading men in movies and on tv. Of course, he has also stopped wearing bright red lipstick.

….Rafael Rosell was fresh and showed signs of being an exhibitionist already. He was one of the favorite models of Bench Body underwear as he had a nice body – lean and tight and delish, with all the right bulges. Now he’s off the Bench and he looks tired and gaunt.

….Jon Hall was all over the Bench spreads in his tight briefs. He loved getting it on for the underwear company’s ads, racy and risque, and no one complained. Jon’s now semi-retired from the scene, appearing intermittently for the cameras when there are modeling stints around.

No Other Man

There’s a new movie showing in town and it’s called No Other Woman. Hunky Derek Ramsay‘s the male lead and the movie’s selling point for girls and girls alike is that the sexy guy’s doing a butt exposure scene. It could be one of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it episodes or a body double’s butt. And then again it could be Derek himself. Curiouser and curiouser….


Speaking of athletic boys and balls, beleaguered actor-host Derek Ramsay is our feature for today. He’s in the news lately for being exposed as a married man [he allegedly contracted the marriage abroad with a model], despite public knowledge that he’s a single fly boy in the country. And, of course, we wouldn’t mind right? As long as he keeps his shirt off.