Joem and Derek

Star Magic talents Joem Bascon and Derek Ramsey made it to the top ten Cosmopolitan centerfolds this year. While the 28-year-old Derek has been a centerfold in the previous years, this is the first time for 21-year old Joem to appear shirtless for the magazine. Derek has established himself on tv as a dramatic actor and host [and a reluctant sex symbol], which path Joem Bascon might have to undertake given his “howling” debut at the Cosmo show.


Dingdong Dantes
The 8 Cosmo Centerfolds

l-r: Jon Mullally, Paolo Paraiso, Joem Bascon
Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco

Derek Ramsey and Luke Jickain

It was a screamfest. The Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash was a howling success, judging from the deafening shrieks from an audience gone wild over the eight Cosmo centerfolds who showed up, plus the other daring men who walked the stage shirtless and sometimes, in their bikinis and skivvies. Derek Ramsey drew the loudest reaction from the crowd, as well as Dingdong Dantes and a revved-up Luke Jickain. While Joem Bascon was cutesy and Jon Mullaly aka Jon Avila was bashful, Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco were working the audience with their charm. Of course, Paolo Paraiso, who went in first, threw his shirt to the audience and walked the ramp, confident and sassy. And then there was Dingdong Dang-Teats, in a dramatic entrance. For a while I thought he’ll just stick with his shirt on. But then again, he simply ripped it up and proudly strutted the catwalk.

What is a “Class A” model?

[l-r: Trishan Cuaso, Derek Ramsey, Iago Raterta]

[l-r: Andrew Wolff, William Devaughn, Peter Nordell]
[l-r: Victor Basa, Rocky Salumbides, Bruce Quebral]

During dinner, my friend UPH, who has finally put up his site [] after the Ram Sagad saga, was diss-cussing with me recently how some D-list models classify themselves, conceitedly, as “Class A.” The subject matter came about after UPH recalled how one wannabe model [D.] he purposely met suddenly self-proclaimed that he is a Class A model, together with A., G., and a host of others I could only tick from the back of my mind’s D-list. And then again, I do not even remember the bigger-league male mannequins calling themselves “Class A models.” They are simply called models. Top models.

Finally, it dawned into smart aleck UPH that in Greenhills Shopping Center, home of the counterfeit goods, the vendors classify their wares from Class A imitation to Class D crock. Say, for example, there is a Class A Rolex in Greenhills – which means that it is a precise replica, but still a replica; the Class D would be crass-fake big-time. And it all made sense.

And so, we finally understood what that wannabe model was saying all along. Since they cannot go a bit higher and join the ranks of the Iagos, Victors and Dereks and all the models shown above [representing a select few of the top male mannequins], the Daves, Alizons, Guinesses and a multitude of others go a step nearer and call themselves respectably as “Class A models.”

Our concerns, precisely.