Imagining Derrick

Continuing our mailbox contribution posts, this fan-made photo of Derrick Monasterio will make you wish he donned dem briefs at the weekend show. Maybe in five years time he’ll do it. Heck, he’ll wear those tiny thongs with glittery studs. Fashion is fickle, and so are values and moral codes in showbiz. Let’s wait and see.


In the battle for black-and-white body tight- and taut-ness supremacy, who do you think will come out on top of the (muscle) heap? I just wish there’s a counter for votes here somewhere, but for now you can leave your comments below. I am pretty sure you’ll choose Derrick. Or maybe Vin. I can’t decide, if you ask me. Life is hard.

Derrick’s Body

It’s official! Derrick Monasterio is doing Bench Body. This could very well be his first foray into the underwear brand’s sexy-racy ads, and we’re too excited to wait for that bulge moment. In the meantime, here’s a little preview of our dear boy in Bench Body underclothes. Just a sneak peek of undies, of course. For now.

A new day comin’


There’s a new day coming, and it’s just around the bend. For your visual pleasure, Derrick Monasterio put on the tights for his own superhero show on GMA. That’s a good start. Maybe there’ll be more bulging in the near future. Or skimpy briefs pretty soon. Who knows?

Good Relations


I honestly think the writers and people behind Karelasyon are perversely tickling and teasing us with their latest episode: Derrick gets to bed Baron (or the other way around, depending on who is your sexy fancy).


How can one resist those arms and sweet kisses and the smell of soap and manly secretions?


This is the PR for the show:  In this Saturday’s episode of Karelasyon, Baron plays John Lloyd, a closet case who is longing to find true love. He meets PJ (Derrick) who seems to be his ideal man. Is he or is he just playing with his feelings? Well, I don’t mind PJ playing with my feelings, if you ask me. Do you?

Karelasyon airs tomorrow a 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

The second coming

IMG_3099You may be getting sick of Derrick Monasterio showing his insane abs here, but if you’re not, you’ve come to the right post. He’s frequently featured here and I can’t help it: Derrick’s been posing in various states of shirtlessness the past few days. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe he’s showing off. Maybe he’ll come close to reveal everything in the near future.


IMG_3098Today is the official crowning of Derrick Monasterio as the Next Big and Sexy Thing. Imagine the 20-year-old actor next summer when Bench Body taps this young hunk for its underwear line. We’re nearly there. First, the wet hairy pits to complement the crazy abs. Next year, the VPLs and the polyester-combed cotton briefs!

The boys of summer

DennisWhen it gets too hot, the boys come out to play. Shirtless, of course. Would you like to spend endless summer nights with Dennis Trillo? Like sinfully sweaty evenings with the 34-year-old actor?

DerrickHot, hot, hot! That’s Derrick Monasterio under the summer sun. And although the heat’s turned up high, the 20-year-old cutie and GMA-hunk-in-waiting is still solid and stiff, er, stable in midday fun.

GeraldThis would have to be my ultimate summer photo for now. Top actor Gerald Anderson under the sun boardwalk, with clear blue waters around him. Come to think of it, we haven’t had some posts of the 27-year-old actor in a while. Hottie, right?

Fun in clean

der copyDerrick Monasterio, for all his clean-cut wholesomeness, reminds us that there is also fun in clean, pure and chaste. That’s what I want to see and believe in this boy who’s on his way up, little by little, the showbiz ladder.  Don’t you just want to get cozy with Derrick and his hard muscles?

The Pool Boy


Sometimes, I would like to think, Karelasyon on GMA plays to our collective fantasies. A couple of weeks ago, it was about kept men . And then we had the sweaty basketball players. Today, the story is on a sexy pool boy and the cliched fantasy is complete!

IMG_1266Of course, it had to be Derrick Monasterio shirtless in board shorts, his athletic frame towering over the clear water. He’s diligently cleaning the pool and he’s sweaty, you can almost smell that sweet musky scent coming from his young body. But I digress.


Derrick gets to show off his acting chops yet again in today’s episode after Eat Bulaga. The story’s a May-December affair after, of course, he has cleaned the pool. I think the title of the episode is “The Day The Pool Boy Came” or something to that effect. Must watch. Really.

IMG_1277With obligatory pits shots thrown in. Nice!

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