The Boys

These are the GMA boys. They’re waiting in the wings for the next big thing over at the network. Who’s the best bet for stardom? Is it Starstruck alum, sexy singer and Mossimo 2009 contestant Dex Quindoza [leftmost]? How about controversial actor Prince Stefan [middle]? Theater actor Jay Gonzaga [rightmost] looks promising, right?

And then again underwear model, Survivor and Starstruck alum Ian Batherson [leftmost] is also poised for leading-man roles in GMA. Is he the one? Will newbie Pancho Magno [second to the left] use his mother [a top GMA exec] and her connections to further his career to the top? Ex-model and Survivor hottie Marvin Kiefer [second to the right] might just make it. And lastly, Next Big Star winner Geoffrey Taylor is hoping for his star to shine brighter over at the network. Who will make it?


Speaking of Aljur, whatever happened to his batch mate at the reality search Starstruck, Dex Quindoza? After getting eliminated in the show [which also produced Prince Stefan, Paulo Avelino and Mart Escudero], Dex finished school in PMI Colleges-Manila. He came back as one of the contestants in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. Although he didn’t win that one, he subsequently landed some modeling projects. After a short-lived stint with the singing group YM, GMA-7 reportedly took him in again to groom this young hunk for its soaps and shows. And now, he’s still nowhere in pop tv consciousness. Where is he?

Back Stage

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you? I love naughty boys back stage before a show or a contest. They are free to let it all hang out. Sort of like releasing some tension. Relaxing some nerves. Let’s see.. upper photo during the Bench Blackout show, from left, some guy who looks familiar but I do not know his name yet, nervous Jiro, charming Edouard and steady Rye. Lower photo, on the other hand was taken at the Mossimo Bikini Summit finals night. From left, impish Andre, pensive Dex, puckish Lem, and edgy Geron. So there! Happy Monday everyone!


For quite some time, 21-year-old aspiring singer and actor Dex Quindoza lingered in the sidelines, hoping for that one big break from his station GMA-7. That is because GMA-7 was the one which introduced him to relative fame via Starstruck, the reality tv search for new talents. He didn’t win that one and he went back to school in PMI Colleges somewhere in inner city Manila. And then he came back as one of the contestants in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. He didn’t win that one either, but he sure landed some projects. After a short-lived stint with the group YM, GMA-7 is reportedly taking him in again and will soon groom this young hunk for its soaps and shows.

YM more

Here are more photos of the new boy-group YM [Young Men].  They are releasing a new album under Ivory Music and Records called  I-YM Mo ‘Ko.  The three boys can actually sing although they were known to have come from personality [and bikini] contests.  Andrew Miguel was the first runner-up at noontime show Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi 2003. Edgar Allan Guzman, on the other hand, romped off with the Mr. Pogi 2006 title. And Dex Quindoza was a reality-tv castoff [Starstruck 4] and Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 candidate.  By the way, the group has an interesting song in their album – Nagmahal Ako [Ng Bakla].  

First Seen: YM!

l-r: Dex Quindoza, Edgar Allan Guzman and Andrew Miguel

Boy-groups these days are dime a dozen.  They are so common – they take off their shirts, primp and pose and sing a few catchy lines with double entendres. What sets the new boy-bunch YM, which stands for “Young Men” apart from the rest is the sight of fresh young men, with fine musical and dancing skills.  Former Studs member and Mr. Pogi 2006 winner Edgar Allan Guzman can sing and dance because he has done workshops for GMA-7 after he won the talent search.  He also trained to be a host and a theater actor.  Mossimo Bikini Open cutie and GMA reality-TV talent search Starstruck eliminee Dex Quindoza is also a dancer and singer. He was the most talented guy in his Starstruck batch.  And then there’s mysterious freshman Andrew Miguel who went through a series of acting workshops at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. Plus, he can sing and dance, too.  The group is coming out with an album entitled I-YM Mo ‘Ko under Ivory Music.

Dex Quindoza, Sexy Singer

It turns out the single post about the freshman and the bikini candidates are interconnected.  Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 castoff and former Starstruck contestant Dex Quindoza is now part of the new singing group called YM [Young Men].  And guess who’s with him in the motley bunch? The freshman Andrew Miguel and the stud boy Edgar Allan Guzman . The title of their new album under Ivory Records is I-YM Mo Ako!  I’m not so sure though, if this is another one of those group of sexy boys singing. But I’m not complaining.  Expect to see more publicity photos of that Andrew Miguel guy and Edgar Allan and of course, Dexter as they promote their new group.  By the way, if Edgar Allan was the Mr. Pogi 2006 winner in the noontime show Eat Bulaga, Andrew Miguel claims to be the first runner-up in said contest [year unspecified].  

Freshman Caveat + Mossimo Update

The video Freshman is officially released today in VCD format in record stores and video outlets. The thing is, although its solo act, Andrew Miguel is flawless and hot and sexy, the producers can not fully assure us that the frontal scenes are still there, clear and intact. So, if you will be happy with a split-second shot of Andrew Miguel’s penis, then buy the VCD [DVD will be released Monday]. Otherwise, DON’T buy.

JR Tirona and Mark Manicad

Dex Quindoza and Andre Endique

Jiro Shirakawa and Harold Oide

These are the other candidates of Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. According to the press release in major dailies yesterday, this is the best batch ever. I might just have to disagree since the bestest batch was that of Brent Javier in 2003. And then again, this could be the second best batch ever – what with the fine and good-looking boys [see photos above] in the competition. Regarding the free tickets to the show, someone emailed and suggested that the Mossimo stores in the metro might just have them for you. So, troop to the stores and ask for tickets to the limited-seats-only show on Saturday at the Skydome of SM North EDSA.