While we may never know what got to his young mind when he did that, we’re just too glad Diego Loyzaga is slowly stripping off his inhibitions. Mayhap he wanted people to talk about him again. Or simply he just wants to see his (muscle) gains.  Here’s another photo from that video, try to decipher.


These boys, they grow up so fast! Diego Loyzaga was merely a cutesy teenager a period ago, and now, he’s lying in bed like a full-grown man. He’s indeed a fully grown person now, complete with a developing hot bod and sturdy legs and body hairs and manly smells. I could just imagine.

Dad-Son, Again

Cesar Montano had his fair and generous share of racy photos and movies in the past. As the original Machete: The Living Statue, he redefined local screen machismo with his woody. These days, he’s an embattled public official, and while we’re entertained with his antics, we focus on his hot young son named Diego.

Drops Trou

He may not be drop-dead handsome in the traditional sense, but Diego Loyzaga works just fine for me with his hot and interesting looks and well-improved physique.  With his recent propensity to appear half-nekkid in photo shoots, I wouldn’t be surprised (and there will be gay maddening) if he drops trou next season for an underwear endorsement.

Bursting Forth

diegoIt’s young Diego Loyzaga‘s turn for the pumping and primping in front of the cameras! The 21-year-old up-and-coming actor is seriously bulking up for all the adult roles coming his way. Maybe it’s for an underwear shoot, too, for Bench Body, which could be wishful thinking. Or maybe not.

Centerfolds 2016


It is really that time of the year when the fine boys come out to play and well, pose and preen before the cameras for Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s annual list. This year’s a good lot, as compared last year.  James Reid is the leader of the pack, and rightly so!

Albie Diego

Then Albie Casino and Diego Loyzaga get their turn to show off.

 Tommy Zeus JC

From showbiz, relative comers Tommy Esguerra, Zeus Collins and JC Santos take their shirts off in the name of hotness!

Tom Stefano Misagh

The hunky older models – Tom Esconde, Stefano Churchill and Misagh Bahadoran, get to represent as well!

Workout Boys!

Snap out of the weekend deadness and get your lazy ass back on track. Get motivated to have a nice body and healthy lifestyle. Speaking of motivated, here are some boys who regularly go to the gym for that bangin’ bod-


Erstwhile teenybopper Diego Loyzaga gets pumped (in a good way).


Benjamin Alves proves he’s no sissyboy as he does the battle ropes!


Carlos Agassi does what he does best. In his Guitar underwear!


Miko Pasamonte works out in his undies, too. (Let’s play a game of spot the photoshopped/distorted areas in this picture.)

Pit lovin’

Zeus349Oh don’t mind me. It’s just one of my favorite hunks. Again. Nothing fascinates me more than a sexy hunk, i.e. a physically attractive man with a well-developed physique, showing off his dance moves. That would have to be, uh, electric.  Whether it’s the bulge or the perfect bod, Zeus Collins delivers on all fronts. Pits, too.

Diego copyYouth! I can enumerate all the prurient things I want to do with these young men, but that would be too much. Twenty-year-old Diego Loyzaga , for example, is simply inviting in this pose, he doesn’t even have to take his shirt and pants off. Well, of course, I might wish he’ll do some stripping soon, but for now, I am happy looking at those fine little hairs on his young bod.


Oh, these boys! Look how big they’ve grown! The one on the left is 20-year-old Albie Casino, who’s now doing bit roles in TV5 after his big career meltdown at ABS-CBN. He’s doing fine, actually. Albie’s a big boy now. And so is his good friend, 18-year-old Diego Loyzaga! A few more months before the underwear shots, perhaps?