Pit lovin’

Zeus349Oh don’t mind me. It’s just one of my favorite hunks. Again. Nothing fascinates me more than a sexy hunk, i.e. a physically attractive man with a well-developed physique, showing off his dance moves. That would have to be, uh, electric.  Whether it’s the bulge or the perfect bod, Zeus Collins delivers on all fronts. Pits, too.

Diego copyYouth! I can enumerate all the prurient things I want to do with these young men, but that would be too much. Twenty-year-old Diego Loyzaga , for example, is simply inviting in this pose, he doesn’t even have to take his shirt and pants off. Well, of course, I might wish he’ll do some stripping soon, but for now, I am happy looking at those fine little hairs on his young bod.


Oh, these boys! Look how big they’ve grown! The one on the left is 20-year-old Albie Casino, who’s now doing bit roles in TV5 after his big career meltdown at ABS-CBN. He’s doing fine, actually. Albie’s a big boy now. And so is his good friend, 18-year-old Diego Loyzaga! A few more months before the underwear shots, perhaps?
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