So here’s a nice candid photo of GMA-7 bit player Dion Ignacio. He has nice skin, if you ask me. It looks like he’s been getting a lot of care from his dermatologist. Remember the story before when Dion was still starting out in showbiz? That he was discovered in a public pool somewhere in Laguna. That he had baad skin and teeth and diction and demeanor. That he was transformed from an ugly frog [warts and all] to a handsome, well, prince. He looks delish, really. Now, if only he’d get more projects on teevee.

Shirtless four

Four shirtless guys, wet by the pool. There’s the stud Dion Ignacio, [left] fledgling actor and performer. And cute Mike Tan [center, standing], who’s not getting the big breaks in his home studio despite his looks and height and formal training in acting. Edgar Allan Guzman [seated] has practically done everything to find his niche in showbiz – hosting a noon-time show, singing with a boy-group YM , going sexy with The Studs, and acting nekkid in an indie flick. Lastly, JC Cuadrado, [right], who has gone back to hosting jobs for corporate affairs plus acting in some afternoon drama series on the side.  Who’s the hottest one?

Dion gets cute

Resident GMA 7 hunk Dion Ignacio is in the new afternoon soap Ngayon at Kailanman and he is getting cuter by the day!  After a failed bid at going sexy via the boy-group The Studs, Dion Ignacio is now focused on doing dramatic roles however small they are.  In Ngayon at Kailanman, he plays second or third fiddle to lead actor JC de Vera.  Dion Ignacio says he doesn’t mind playing support as long as there’s work in his home studio.  The 23-year-old actor is still waiting for the big break.

Studs No More

Whatever happened to The Studs, that motley group of boys put together by GMA-7? Indie movie actor Coco Martin has gone mainstream and jumped over to the other station for a regular soap.  GMA-7 contract artist Mike Tan, who’s getting more delish as he matures, is also doing projects for his home studio plus some theater on the side.  Dion Ignacio gets supporting roles in GMA, while JC Cuadrado has gained some poundage and lands hosting jobs in quiz bees.  The younger ones, Edgar Allan Guzman and Felix Roco are waiting on the wings. 

The Stud: Dion Ignacio

Dion Ignacio‘s showbiz career didn’t seem to get the anticipated big boost from his sexy photos associated with his boy-group The Studs. At present, he merely appears as a bit player in his home studio’s fantasy series Zaido and the lackadaisical Daisy Siete: Ulingling. However, in a recent interview, he said that he doesn’t mind getting supporting roles on tv and movies, as long as there’s work to support his family. As member of the The Studs, Dion gets to show off his singing skills and his toned body, natch!

Dion Ignacio shirtless

One of the eight reasons in buying the X-Ray Calendar Magazine would be 21-year-old Dionisio Joseph “Dion” Ignacio. He is one of the taller members of The Studs, GMA 7’s boy band. Dion first rose to relative fame as a Starstruck 1 eliminee. Currently, he appears in the metal hero series Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan. The 2008 X-Ray Calendar Magazine is now also available at all Booksale outlets.

X-Ray Magazine’s 2008 Calendar is Out!

Dion Ignacio
Mike Tan

Mysterious Lito from the Middle East had to remind me that X-Ray Magazine is now out in the newsstands here in Manila. [Thanks Lito for all those emails! Keep ’em coming.] The publishers thought of making it into a 2008 calendar featuring The Studs of GMA 7 , composed of Starstruck’s Dion Ignacio, Starstruck Ultimate Survivor Mike Tan, former Wazzup Wazzup host JC Cuadrado, Starstruck Avenger Kevin Santos [in a daring Calvin Klein pose], Star in a Million Finalist Lance Onate, one-half of the twinkie-twins Felix Roco and Mr. Pogi Edgar Allan de Guzman. Masahista Coco Martin is also in the calendar. Sorry guys, I won’t be scanning the calendar here so buy a copy at Php 395.