It’s the start of the long weekend this side of the pond, and this is the lazy-ass post. I am now officially on vacation, but I just can’t leave this wayward site on a standstill. Today, we see the usual suspects – tv and movie actors and underwear models all, who continue to tease and please in their underthings.

Ejay kept it warm and balmy with his check-patterned undies, while Arron gave off that twinky vibe in stripes. And the side swept bangs! *gasp!

Why is Jake unhappy? Why is Carlos so perky? Are crazy patterns the trend these days in men’s undergarments?

Boys in undies

Mike’s tan

Mike Tan1 copy

We may never understand how he didn’t quite make it to the top, but Mike Tan of GMA is still hanging on. Recently, he accepted an underwear endorsement while he’s still solid and sturdy. With a lean bod, killer legs and an impish grin, the boy’s one fine specimen these days.

Ejay’s falcon

Ejay110 copyA baby falcon is called an eyass. It grows up to become a mighty peregrine.  That’s a bit of a trivia down there and I am glad I can give you small information from time to time.  You need to understand, too, that it ain’t all about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion in the ocean. But I’m rambling, I apologize. This is Ejay Falcon endorsing underwear.