Tomorrow you’ll see dick, but for now, let Ejay Falcon enthrall you with his brief transformation. He’s changed a bit, putting on that extra poundage. There is always someone for everyone and whether you like the left or the right image, it’s Ejay’s hotness just the same.


It’s the start of the long weekend this side of the pond, and this is the lazy-ass post. I am now officially on vacation, but I just can’t leave this wayward site on a standstill. Today, we see the usual suspects – tv and movie actors and underwear models all, who continue to tease and please in their underthings.

Ejay kept it warm and balmy with his check-patterned undies, while Arron gave off that twinky vibe in stripes. And the side swept bangs! *gasp!

Why is Jake unhappy? Why is Carlos so perky? Are crazy patterns the trend these days in men’s undergarments?


Heck yeah! Ejay Falcon may not be incredibly chiseled but isn’t he adorable with that light layer of flab over the undeveloped muscles? He’s not overweight and unhealthy, and he is certainly killing it with that body shape. Perfect is passé!

Bold Ejay

ejay-copyNo other actor has boldly gone where Ejay Falcon travelled: into the underwear catalog biz! Yet, Ejay’s unfazed. It’s a job, he has the body and some goods, thrown in for extra measure. Well, not the very best of the bods out there, but some things are working out just fine. See for yourself.

Private Recesses

Ejay253I just noticed that you didn’t quite react to Ejay Falcon finally donning underwear, however chintzy and gaudy, in photo shoots. What if I post his armpit photos? Would you shriek with delight this time? Imagine the sweaty, musky private recesses of man pits of Ejay. Because it’s Pits Friday, that’s why!

The Falcon


Hey look! Ejay Falcon is modeling underwear these days. Despite the seeming lack of personality with this guy, there might be some redeeming traits now that he’s regularly posing and preening in his undies! There’s the nicely-carved chest. The strong arms. That torso. And we can’t possibly overlook that French bulge, can we!

Boys in undies

Mike’s tan

Mike Tan1 copy

We may never understand how he didn’t quite make it to the top, but Mike Tan of GMA is still hanging on. Recently, he accepted an underwear endorsement while he’s still solid and sturdy. With a lean bod, killer legs and an impish grin, the boy’s one fine specimen these days.

Ejay’s falcon

Ejay110 copyA baby falcon is called an eyass. It grows up to become a mighty peregrine.  That’s a bit of a trivia down there and I am glad I can give you small information from time to time.  You need to understand, too, that it ain’t all about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion in the ocean. But I’m rambling, I apologize. This is Ejay Falcon endorsing underwear.

Triple Treat


They come in threes! Ejay Falcon has always been under the radar, well, at least in terms of his images being posted in this salacious site. Today’s a good day for an Ejay feature, and I give you not just one, but three photos of the 26-year-old actor in various forms of, uh, underwearness. Cue swooning.

Pasión de Amor

IMG_9811The ads and promo materials did not mention the show title as Diván del Director or “Casting Couch.” Instead, Ejay Falcon, Jake Cuenca and Joseph Marco, all famous (or notorious) for snagging roles in their home studio for sheer talent and sus favores al director de reparto, are in the oddly-titled Pasion de Amor soap. Of course, aside from the drama that will showcase their acting chops, I’m also looking forward to the gratuitous baring of their bodies (see photo above and others in the worldwide web).


So there. These are the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s centerfolds this year. Well, almost. Phil and Neil aren’t posted here because you’ve seen them already in previous posts – Phil shirtless and Neil in his F&H undies by the red brick wall. While there’s a proliferation of Azkals hunks, there’s no rep from the hot Volcanoes this time. Who’s hot, who’s not? Do you think this is a good lot this year?
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