Champion swimmer and actor Enchong Dee is keeping his head above water – what with the numerous projects he’s having on tv and in the movies. The 21-year-old cutie is extra busy these days, despite the intrigues thrown his way. I guess gaiety and cheerfulness are his billy clubs in show business, that’s why he’s untroubled from all the negativities heaped on him.


Swimmer-actor-model Enchong Dee looks sweet and sexy and seducing in this legskin. Ever since Speedo discarded the old-style briefs and swimming trunks in favor of the bodyskins and jammers, professional swimmers were all covered up and started to look un-sexy. Yet, 20-year-old Enchong Dee sure appears slinky-steamy in this outfit. This fresh-faced actor is busy juggling school and showbiz. Too, he’s the latest it-boy of local clothing brand Bench in its Coca-Cola tie-up campaign.

Enchong Baby!

Enchong Dee is such a joy to look at, he is so freakin’ cute! The 20-year-old champion swimmer, who participated in the ASEAN and Asian Games as part of the Philippine team, is now busy in ABS-CBN as one of the resident cuties in afternoon soaps and variety shows.  Prior to joining showbiz, he was taking up Sports Management at the De La Salle University in Manila.  Too, he is one of the more prominent models of local brand Bench.  

Enchong or Gerald?

Let’s do the choices thing again. If you were to select your boy for the rest of your Boracay Island stay [3 days, 2 nights, economy fan room but with free breakfast], and the options are – Enchong Dee and Gerald Anderson, who would it be and why?  Now, this is a tough one, if you ask me.  I prefer the Filipino-Chinese kid. And the Filipino-American cutie, too.   I can’t seem to make an absolute choice. Who is your bet?

Carlo versus Enchong

Let’s do some voting: between Carlo Guevara [left] and Enchong Dee, who would you choose and why?  Carlo Guevara turned 19 years old last month and is a student at the Philippine Christian University along Taft Avenue, Manila.  Enchong Dee is turning 20 next month and is a student of De La Salle University also along Taft Avenue.  Both are Bench underwear models and newbie actors in ABS-CBN’s teenybopper shows.  So, will it be the geeky [yet sexy] Carlo? Or the athletic Enchong?

Mishmash. Candid.

Some cleaning to do. These are varied photos sent in to my email, which photos are up for deletion. Might as well share them with you guys, on a slow Saturday morning. There’s Aga Muhlach sleeping shirtless, while Christian Vasquez is half awake in his boxers.

Diether Ocampo, rarely seen on tv these days and busy with his charities, takes off his shirt in a public function, while swimmer and teen actor Enchong Dee flexes for the camera.

And then there’s Angelo Ilagan [white shorts] , turning 18 this month, who caused quite a stir recently with his sexy photos released in the web. Joross Gamboa [middle photo] is making a comeback from a showbiz lapse but has reportedly turned down a gay role in a movie recently. There’s perennial bachelor Paolo Bediones [34 years old] in a rare amateur photo.

And the naked guy in the hazy photo is Omar Principe of the male dancing group Masculados.

Why wasn’t Enchong at the 2007 SEA Games?

Enchong Dee was conspicuously absent at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games, as member of the Philippine Swimming Team. The cute teenager, who once made waves as a fabled member of the swim team of the country, is now busy with his showbiz and modeling commitments. And, it seems Enchong has put more favor for the tv and commercial shows of ABS-CBN rather than training arduously eight hours a day for the swimming competitions.

Enchong is having fun

Smooth boy Enchong Dee seems to have abandoned his training for the Olympic Gold. He’s been concentrating lately on tv soaps and shows, and modeling for the underwear brand Bench. First photo above was taken from the Bench Fever Underwear and Denim Show in 2006, where the 18-year old showed his swimmer’s bod, while second photo [right] was taken recently at the Be Bench Finals Night, where he bared a bit of extra poundage.