Men in ‘kinis

masculadosYes, the bikini is not dead and real men still wear the tiny, silhouette-boosting swimwear! These are the Masculados Dos men, who sing and gyrate to suggestive songs. Take your pic, from left: Ozu Ong, new member Fernando Zomera, Orlando Sol, Enrico Mofar, Robin Robell, new member David Karrel, and Nico Cordova. Who’s your bet?


It’s a medley, a mishmash! They are the Masculados Dos, a new sing-and-provocatively-grind group of cute guys with nice bods. Take your pick as they take on the country by storm with their singing and dancing prowess! Okay, the last line was a shameless PR plug, but seriously, the guys are sexy and good. Orlando Sol [bottom photo third from right] is a singer with a nice butt. Chunky-hunky Enrico Mofar [bottom photo, third from left] is a good dancer. The rest of the guys are taking off their shirts and they look fine [refer to the bottom photo] – Dart Kamboozia [leftmost], Ozu Ong [second to the left], Robin Robell [fourth from the right], Nico Cordova [second from the right] and Lexter Lazaro [rightmost]. The group’s promoting their album Masculados Repacked under Universal Records, with their carrier single “Ganda-Ganda, Sexy-Sexy.” You have to buy the original CD to see the photos of the guys in the pack.


If you want your man a little bit husky and plump-lumpy, here’s Enrico Mofar, a Masculados [an all-male sexy sing-and-swing group] member.  The 5’7″-tall and 160-lbs dance instructor was visible for quite some time on morning tv as one of the background dancers of a showbiz segment of the program. Thick-bodied Enrico Mofar also claims to have already competed in international dance events representing the country.  

Enrico Mofar, dance instructor.

Twenty-eight year-old Enrico Mofar is a professional dance instructor, who has already competed in international dance events. A native of Butuan City, Enrico stands 5’7″ and weighs 160 lbs. He went to the Agusan Institute of Technology for his Associate in Marine Transportation degree. Aside from being a dance instructor, he is also one of the newer members of the sexy male group, Masculados [I’m not so sure if the group is still that active]. He is looking forward to owning a fine dining restaurant someday.