Heck ya! Shirtless people!

Vince9Terribly missed in the Bench Body underwear ads of late, super tall model Vince Ferraren makes a comeback, albeit in conservative shorts. But I’ll take it. He’s still hot as the first time he burst into the scene! Summer’s coming and I/we hope to see more nearly-nekkid Vince images!

albie1Oh, those pits! I’ll be very thrilled for a whiff! Pardon my crassness, I am merely gushing over how delish Albie Casino has become. While he may never become the teenybopper tv and movie idol, he’s still in the running to be showbiz’s hottest hunk pretty soon. And I’m still praying for that underwear endorsement.

IanVicSpeaking of comeback, Ian Batherson (left) and Ervic Vijandre appear in this site once more, after quite some time (i.e. after their last sexy outing in underwear). Now, they are promoting a massage place or something. Of course, they’re the endorsers and not the masseurs, silly! Although I would gladly take any one of them in the massage room, if you ask me. Oil, please.

May Day!

On the occasion of May Day festival [or Labor Day in the country], I bring you not one, or two but ten freakin’, sexy, shirtless boys m-e-s-s-i-n-g by the pool! Let’s see… from left, we have Ben Sapida [a.k.a. Benjamin Alves], Kerbie Zamora, Bjorn Aguilar, Ervic Vijandre, Lemuelle Pelayo, Jovic Susim, Geron Lontoc, Benj Bolivar, Alizon Andres and JC Tiuseco. Who’s your best bet?

The Boys, Too

Recently, they were launched as the newest “Regal Babies,” referring to the film company Regal Films and its fresh set of talents. Models and Survivor alumni Ervic Vijandre, [leftmost], Ian Batherson [second to the left], and JC Tiuseco [rightmost], are joined by nippo-brasileiro Daniel Matsunaga in the movie outfit’s new roster of talents. Who do you think will make it to leading-manhood?

Ervic vs. Zanjoe

Ervic Vijandre and Zanjoe Marudo were recently seen on separate occasions wearing the same theme – shirtless in green jeans with red belt. Ervic was flaunting his hot bod in a fashion show for clothing brand Penshoppe in Boracay on the first week of April. On the other hand, Bench model Zanjoe was working it at the Coverboys show a week ago, in apple-green jeans. Who’s hotter now?

JC and Ervic together in Bora

JC Tiuseco [left] and Ervic Vijandre were always together in the island paradise because they belong to the same modeling agency, that’s why. Last Holy Week [topmost photos] JC [5’11”, San Sebastian College baller] and Ervic [6’2″, De La Salle U baller] were inseparable during the day and at night time when they, for instance, attended the three major parties on Black Saturday. As opposed to their Holy Week vacation, JC and Ervic were again spotted [bottom photos] last April, this time working – as in doing a fashion show for the clothing brand Penshoppe.