The Boys of My Beloved

Here are more photos of the angel boys from the new prime time series of GMA, My Beloved, set to preem on Monday, 13 February 2012. John Hall [top images] returns on tv after his memorable appearance in the Survivor series last year. Of course, you’ve seen Fabio Ide‘s photos earlier as one of the half-nekkid angels on the show. Judging the promo pics, will we see more bulges and bumps in this series?


In other news, Brazilian male model and occasional tv actor and presenter Fabio Ide left town earlier this month to visit the United States. He was seen in the company of a known modelizer, the famous rich muscle queen. Last summer, he declared that “nobody can ever buy me and I am not for sale,” when asked if he ever gets any indecent proposals from gay guys. He says he’d rather work hard than agree to propositions of the sleazy sort. Right on!

Bunch Up

Now that it has been confirmed that gorgeous guy Hideo Muraoka is coming back to Manila next month to do some projects, the remaining nipo-brasileiros Fabinho and Daniel [in photo] and Aki must feel threatened with their day [and night] jobs. Hideo‘s the in-demand Brazilian guy before he left for home to get married and raise a kid. Surely the modeling projects [and some tv work] will keep coming in Hideo’s way, as he still has the body and face to die for.

Trio Complete

Hey look, Dani‘s back from Brasilia after a vacation! He’s now ready to take on his commitments to GMA-7, which commitments were inked prior to his weeks-long R & R. His return to the Philippines completes the nipo-brasileiro triumvirate in modeling and showbiz. Of course, there’s charming Aki and cute Fabio in the picture. The three Brazilians, who are sought-after and well-liked in fashion shows and shoots, are also now on tv and the movies. I guess they’re really here to stay!


Who’s your choice? Three Brazilian guys with Japanese roots – Aki, Daniel and Fabio. They are all in showbiz now, as they make the rounds of tv shows, plus their new movie D’Survivors is showing this coming week in selected theaters. It’s an independently-produced flick featuring models, sexy shirtless in a bright and green island. Among the three models, who is your best bet in the hotta-meter? Poll’s shown above.