I knew it! The stylists at the 2010 Cosmo Bachelors Bash took inspiration from some very familiar sources [or shows]. Adam Ibrahim [above] and the lesser-known models at the show wore funny white whatchamacallit materials and, uh, sexy fashion, similar in design to…..

…. the ones worn by Cris Quizon [left] and Fhons Feleo four years ago at the now-defunct Lips Bar. Well, almost. It would have been more exciting if the unimaginative stylistas made those filmy-flimsy shorts, too, at Cosmo.


I thought I saw him earlier today, in the streets of Manila, so I’m going to post whatever pictures stored about this guy. He’s quite cute and charming in person – with some sweet and ready smile. His name is Fhons Feleo, 20 years old and a former Lips Bar regular [as an underwear contestant]. He has since moved on to a bigger stage, as he tried his luck in the hunky-dory competitions where he’s not required to wear filmy fabrics this time. This 5’10”-tall native of Tondo, Manila is still young and has a long way to go. He may have started on the wrong side of the [bikini] tracks, but I’m pretty sure – with his cute looks and nice bod – he’ll pick up and proceed just fine.

Light and breezy

Let’s keep things light, guys. A friend sent a cheer-up note yesterday and it gave me more than a cheer reading his email, which came with all those gay question-and-answer jokes. My favorite, of course, was this: Q. Is there really evidence that Man descended from the apes? A. [gay contestant looks behind him] Thank you so much for that question. Yes, I believe so. Just look at contestant no. 3. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud last night. And the guys above, posted for illustration puposes only, are [from left]: Hamudi, Fhons and Gabriel.

Tondo Boys: Cris and Fhonz

Cris Quizon [left] and Fhons Feleo are probably the most daring cute boys who ever came out of Tondo, Manila.  Cris Quizon is from Balut, Tondo while Fhons Feleo is from Magsaysay near the Don Bosco School.  Cris is 18 years old and stands 5’10”. He is reportedly a black belter and a basketball player.  On the other hand, Fhons is 19 years old and stands 5’11”.  He won the Hot Bodies 2006 Bikini Open.

Fhons Feleo unveiled

Number 4 must be the lucky number for Fhons Feleo, a 20-year-old bikini open veteran from Tondo, Manila. The 5’10”-tall hunk was contestant number 4 in Hataw Super Bodies 2007 bikini contest [left photo]. At the Manhunt Bikini Open held at Lips Bar [right photo], Fhons Feleo was contestant number 4 again, finishing as first runner-up to Gabriel Fajardo. Fhons Feleo was also the grand winner of Hot Bodies 2006 Bikini Open held at Klownz [Angeles City, Pampanga].