While we’re on the topic of normalizing male frontal nudity in films, newcomer Luke Selby gets to push the envelope a bit farther down the sexometer. He’s doing the obligatory choking-the-chicken scenes in the (of course) Vivamax movie Alapaap. Luke’s all out with his English knob, not the rubber prosthetics usually used by other actors. It’s a good start.

Movie Scene

On a slow Thursday, we feature the current actor who normalized frontal nudity in the movies, Drei Arias. He’s seen here cleaning himself outdoors, in the movie we missed (probably because it was released last year at the height of the pandemic), Don Filipo. The movie’s described as an “an LGBTQ-themed horror film set in a rural town in the Philippines. Quite interesting, and maybe worth a watch aside from the gratuitous display of penis.