He’s a favorite because Graham Caygill is always shown in his underwear for Bench Body. We don’t complain. We compliment and give thanks, profusely. It is very hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his undies, sexy and sturdy you could almost smell a strong manly scent from between those legs.

Marco Gone By

While we may never find out what really happened with his meltdown, Marco Morales will always be our ultimate daring boy in gay indie flicks – shedding clothes after clothes, dangling nuts and knob like a  soft porn star. Here’s to throwback Thursday!

Dick Head

I am on vacation. You know how the holidays go – family, friends, frenzy. So pardon the instant posts in the coming days. Today, we get to see Anton Gomez‘s full frontal feature. Hottie or nottie?