Jockstrap Dream

Let’s take a short break from the features on the boys next door gone sexy. How about some boy wearing a jockstrap today? That’s Gabriel del Rosario of the defunct sexy group Provoq. Lately, the bikini boys have been seen wearing jockstraps in some competitions. They’re getting bolder and bolder a la Lips Bar. Also, one mainstream newbie was seen in an athletic supporter. And then again that is quite understandable as he’ll do anything to get noticed. Heck, I wouldn’t mind. Bring on the jockstrap boys!

Great Bodies

Guess who joined and who won this year’s Slimmers World Great Bodies contest? The guy on the left is former Provoq guy and indie actor [Kambyo] Gabriel del Rosario, who looks like he’s put some mileage on. And tired. He still has a great bod, though. Gabriel did not win, but the one on the right did get the top prize. He’s 41-year-old Marc Dungo, who won the same title ten years ago. He was also featured here three years ago, and the comments there are rather, uh, informative.


Speaking of Bench and its biennial show, do you remember this scene at the Blackout Show a couple of years ago when [l-r] Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, Anthony Logan and Gabriel del Rosario went on stage with nothing on but a few accessories covering their knees and arms? This only means that the Bench show is not only an underwear fashion show [It is also an accessories show]. And in case you forget to wear your Bench briefs for the go-see, you can always go commando and strip down, citing this particular episode in the fleshfest.


The question on whether Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario shaves or not has been answered. He does, of course. Big time. The rich lather of shaving foam on his crotch looks sexy enough without revealing his jewels. Imagine a depilated one down there. Anyhow, Gabz has not been making himself available lately. After his Climax magazine exposure [the one with Will] and the Kambyo flick, he has disappeared from the limelight. Anyone with news about our dear Gabz?

Engaging Gabz

Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario is the only guy in the last issue of Climax magazine who did not expose his penis  and testicles and those body parts where the sun doesn’t shine.  He was rather “conservative” when he merely showed his buttocks in one of the photographs.  Apparently, the shy Provoq guy can’t do it just yet, unlike his contemporaries in the daring magazine.  Gabz was last seen in the road trip gay movie called Kambyo last summer.

Kambyo on July 3!

Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario
Johnron Tanada
From left: Johnron Tanada, Rayan Dulay, Kenjie Garcia,
Harold Macasero and Gabriel del Rosario

Okay, guys, mark the date: July 3 [Thursday] at 7 p.m. Of course, the premiere night of the most-awaited gay movie [again] from the tandem of Jay Altarejos and Lex Bonife [Parola and Antonio movies], will be at the MTRCB-free UP Film Institute. Here’s the synopsis from Lex:

It’s the last summer of their university life. Cousins Macky (Rayan Dulay, Bathhouse) and Manuel (Kenjie Garcia, Ang Lihim ni Antonio) start on a road trip to look for Macky’s long-lost friend Philip (Johnron Tanada). They bring along with them their fun loving friend Xavier (Harold Macasero), who tags along a hunky guy named Aldo (Gabz del Rosario), whom he just met right before their trip. As the engine of Macky’s old van begins to accelerate, their relationships start on a new journey. Love blooms. Secrets unfold. Insecurities collide. And hidden desires set in. As they drive their way up north of Manila , this unrestrained group of three friends and a stranger explore the boundaries of their friendships, their sexualities, their dreams and the future that lies ahead of them.

Is Gabriel del Rosario out of Provoq Men?

He has not been visible lately with Provoq, so I guess he could be out of the body of men called Provoq. Twenty-one year old Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario was Mr. Manila 2002 and the winner of Face of Bassilica Season 8, before he was discovered for the group. He graduated recently with a Business Management degree from the Far Eastern University. His main goal is to be a Flight Steward, according to his bio.

Nevertheless, the show Cruise, the second edition of the Men of Provoq, is still on and tickets are getting sold out to the event. Cruise, a Provocative Tour is a gay party highlighted by a series of sexually-charged production numbers with themes from around the different continents of the world, from the Men of Provoq. The party is on August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. Show Starts at 9pm. VIP tickets entitle one to a free drink and entrance to a specially designated area right by the stage for the best view of the show. VIP ticket holders can also drink and interact with the Provoq Men right after the show. VIP tickets are at Php1500 and are not commercially available. You may email your contact numbers if you want reservation for the VIP tickets.

For other ticket inquiries [aside from the VIP tickets] you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.