Gabriel Fajardo brings holiday cheer

Remember that boy Gabriel Fajardo who appeared in leopard-print thongs more than a year ago? Well I’m putting him back here in another one of those gauzy fabrics, posing right at the bar formerly known as Lips in San Juan.  I’m not so sure though if he’s still an eyewear store clerk in some mall. Heck, I don’t even know what day job he’s holding right now. All I’m aware of is that lately, he’s been a regular contestant at the bar’s weekly contests.  Cheers!

Light and breezy

Let’s keep things light, guys. A friend sent a cheer-up note yesterday and it gave me more than a cheer reading his email, which came with all those gay question-and-answer jokes. My favorite, of course, was this: Q. Is there really evidence that Man descended from the apes? A. [gay contestant looks behind him] Thank you so much for that question. Yes, I believe so. Just look at contestant no. 3. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud last night. And the guys above, posted for illustration puposes only, are [from left]: Hamudi, Fhons and Gabriel.

Gabriel Fajardo reveals

Remember Gabriel Fajardo, the 21-year-old eyewear store clerk from Cainta, Rizal? He was in a contest recently at Lips Bar [152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St., San Juan City, Metro Manila near the J. Ruiz station of LRT-2]. As usual with a Lips Bar contest, Gabriel Fajardo shows he has the cojones [and more!] to don a gauzy-gossamer underwear. Such a visual treat indeed, this Gabriel Fajardo.

Happy New Year!

Gelo Guevarra and Kaisan Lopez
Jake Santos and Gabriel Fajardo

Off to spend the 2008 countdown somewhere without the noise and smoke, and without internet [dial-up, DSL, wireless], I am leaving you guys with four boys – not dick-a-day stuff but good enough to share. Gelo Guevarra was a Yuletide boy, posted before, with balls hanging. Twinkie Kaisan Lopez got enough exposure too in previous posts. Of course, Gabriel Fajardo went leopard-print and everyone turned apeshit. And newbie Jake Santos, with fresh photos uploaded soon, is a 19-year-old student. See you all next year! Happy New Year!