Daddy and Son

Actor Gary Estrada was a 21-year-old upstart in 1992 when he was made to wear banana hammocks for the promo of his coming-of-age flick, Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan. They don’t make ’em like they used to, but one thing is for sure¬†¬† – Gary’s beautiful squirt Kiko Estrada is showing a lot of promise. Someone make him a big star already!

Dad-Son, Too

I’m getting a certain high with these dad-son features, and one of the more requested ones are Gary and Kiko Estrada. It’s all about genes, and the young ‘un is equally scorchin’ as the father in his better days a.k.a. showbiz prime. It’s that time I wish Kiko would be more daring than the dad. Oops, I didn’t just write that.

By The Sea

It’s Sunday, time for some old photo! This one’s taken 19 years ago when a young upstart with showbiz lineage burst into the scene in teasing Speedo shots. His name: Gary Estrada, a tall, dark and brooding 21-year-old who held some promise of being a matinee idol. He starred in sexy and action flicks then. He’s now a Board Member in the provincial government of Quezon.