Glammed Up Boys

One of the few guys worth my while to watch in the Hashtags group of boys is dancer Zeus Collins. He’s a favorite in this site, and while some of you may find him “old” and “mature” for your picky sensibilities, Zeus will forever be the hunky pop-and-locker in his crazy-testosterone prime!

And in stark contrast, here’s Luke Conde. Love him or hate him, he’s staying in showbiz. He’s trying his darnedest to fit in, and so far he’s surviving the glitzy world he’s in.  The cutesy looks, of course, help a lot, thanks to that life-changing transformation a few years back.

Money Shot

DomThis could very well be Dominic Roque‘s most important picture, for now. At least for this site. How can you explain that adorable VPL, seemingly about to burst from the cramped confines of a tiny piece of clothing? Trolls may have a field day with this one, but more will rejoice as Dom finally unleashes his sexiest and cuter-than-cute boy-next-door good looks and charm!

Monday sucks!


So here’s a pick-me-upper: our favorite indie queer movie boy doing what he does best. He’s putting on a show and it’s hot, hot, hot! There’s a video and I wish I can post the lengthy 28-minutes (gasp!) suck-and-shlick show. In the meantime, here are some select scenes. I’m pretty sure you can visualize how it goes. Happy Monday everyone!

Assume the position

IMG_1333Male models come in all shapes and sizes, and they sometimes adjust between masculine and feminine characters. There is probably a reason for his name like La Aguinaldo, referring to the singular, feminine definite article in Spanish. LA Aguinaldo may have that epicene beauty peculiar to boys of a certain age, but he’s still killing the sexy in most ways.


On the occasion of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s bachelor bash, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “big top boys” in the Carnival Kings theme list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will fire up your carny hookup fantasies? And the awards go to …….

Big DickBig Dick Award


Age-Stopped-At-23 Award


The Your-Abs-Only-Got-You-This-Gig Citation

Best in Nose

Best Transformation (Nose Division)


Best Transformation (Modeling Status Division)


Botox King


Er-Ought-To-Be-Naked Award


Best Hairy Body

Casting Couch

Joseph Marco Award (a.k.a. The Casting Couch Award)


DNG Award (did not grow)


Mr. Dreamboy


The Cool Dude Award


Best in Body (Underfed and Starved Division)


New-In-The-Scene Hottie Citation


Bring-Home-To-Momma Award


The Jailbait Award


Booking King


Delish Student Award


You’re-Only-22?-I-thought-You’re-43-or-Something Citation


Promising Comer Award


DILF Award


Best in Legs (Chicken Legs Division)


LGBT Special Citation


 Special Award from Svenson Philippines

Student Body

Student Body Citation


Sexy Discovery Citation


Heartbreaker Award

Rough Sex

Rough-Sex-Like-A-Pornstar Award


image5Today at 2.30 pm is the preem of the GMA anthology Karelasyon.  The first episode stars Martin del Rosario and Mark Herras in, you guessed it fine, a hot and steamy relationship. Of course, to make matters more complicated the storyline is about a mother and her gay son sharing the same lover. Who’s watching?


A lovely pair


It looks like there is discussion going on here. So I am putting this on the front page for a while. It’s just that I thought this would be a good human interest story about a local Manila model and a one-time Manila fly-in model tying the knot in NYC. A lovely pair.

Sissyville pt. 1


The sound of a little girl crying broke through the cold morning air.

Now, that’s a good beginning to write this drama, right? Except that no one composes opening lines like that anymore. I just started with that line to put prominence on the histrionics of the lead, a full-grown man, in this story and I’m largely in this so far for the insanity.

At five in the morning, there was no way Ken can be calmed down. He was crying like a crazed and jilted woman in front of Jay’s huge modern home. A few minutes earlier, Ken was seen rushing out of the house in Sissyville, the scene of a night of social drinking among a select group of good-looking guys in the closet (and that’s another story).

Jay, the host, went out to quiet him. And presumably, to tell Ken to tone down the dramatics, lest the neighbors get roused from deep slumber and suspect something intriguing is unraveling in that finely-made house in Sissyville.

Unraveling, indeed it is. Jay cooed and whispered words to Ken, to no avail. You know that scene on TV when the damsel in distress is crying copiously and the leading man tries to comfort her and gets pushed away anyhow? That! Dawn’s breaking, and Jay did not want people to witness the little spectacle. After all, he is quite known not only in the community but also as a celebrity, in show- and the food business. Jay just did not want to land anymore in the tabloid gossip pages, the subject of hushed back-fence talk of a rich patron and a number of businesses as reward. You know, sex and money and grease and lubricants (remind me later to blab on that, I don’t wish to digress just yet).

The Unconsoled finally drove off in his car, a relatively new compact SUV given as a gift from Ryan, a former lover (and that, again, is another story). Surprisingly, Ken, with a flair for the theatrical did not step on the gas. He just whizzed by Jay, like a slow motion scene on that fine morning on that charming street.

Jay stood there on the sidewalk for a little while, obviously tired and “too cool to care.” He eventually walked back in to the house.

The amusing part is that after a few minutes, not more than thirty, Ken went back to Jay’s casa. Red and puffy-eyed from all the weeping, Ken just stayed in his car and stared at the mansion, realizing perhaps he nearly struck gold with this one, and he’d better straighten up his act to finally snare this one, a good catch!

The gate was unlatched, and he’s seriously contemplating – with all the dignity left in his person – whether to go inside Jay’s house or not.

What is happening? Is there something going on between Ken and Jay? It is an unlikely pairing, if you ask me.

It’s hard not to be on board on this one. Stay tuned?



On the occasion of the release of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s centerfolds 2014, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “absolutely hardworking bachelors” in the office theme list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will fire up your office pantry hookup fantasies? And the awards go to …….

img306Best Transformation Award

img295Promising Comer Award

img296Awkward Model Award

img297Ex-Boldie Citation

img298Cute Puppy Award

img301Lights-Were-Off-During-The-Gosee Award

img302PLU Citation

img302aJailbait Award

img302bBig-Things-Come-In-Small-Packages Award (he’s actually 5’4″)

img303aGerman Moreno Scholarship Foundation awardee

img303bHunkiest Student Award

img304aUltimate Hottie

img304bNo More Bookings Citation

img304cHottest Dancer Award


img305Booking King

img307Big Tool Citation

img308Barely-Legal-But-Most-Delish Award

img309Sexy Discovery Citation

img310Lost Boy Citation

img311Hot Smarty Pants Award

img311bYou-Ought-To-Be-In-The-Centerfold Award

img311cHard-Sell-By-Manager Award

img311dOldest-In-The-List Award


Filipino-Iranian model Farzam Nasirian wants us to vote for his bff Filipino-Dutch Laurens Tolenaars in the Century Tuna Superbods 2014. For the love of Laurens, I guess we all should vote for the hot guy, all of 6’2″, lean and mean. They [Farzam says “we“] would appreciate it.
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