Star Turn

He’s supposed to be GMA’s next big star. Somewhere along the path to pop stardom, model and singer Geoff Taylor got waylaid. After winning the station’s reality search for the Next Big Star, nothing much has happened to the career of the hunky upstart. The 25-year-old native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley was also a finalist at the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit [won byJerome Ortiz with runner-up Hermann Weber].

The Boys

These are the GMA boys. They’re waiting in the wings for the next big thing over at the network. Who’s the best bet for stardom? Is it Starstruck alum, sexy singer and Mossimo 2009 contestant Dex Quindoza [leftmost]? How about controversial actor Prince Stefan [middle]? Theater actor Jay Gonzaga [rightmost] looks promising, right?

And then again underwear model, Survivor and Starstruck alum Ian Batherson [leftmost] is also poised for leading-man roles in GMA. Is he the one? Will newbie Pancho Magno [second to the left] use his mother [a top GMA exec] and her connections to further his career to the top? Ex-model and Survivor hottie Marvin Kiefer [second to the right] might just make it. And lastly, Next Big Star winner Geoffrey Taylor is hoping for his star to shine brighter over at the network. Who will make it?

The Next Big Star

Will model-singer Geoff Taylor be the next big star over at GMA-7? The former Mossimo Bikini Summit contestant and Pinoy Dream Academy hopeful is competing again in the show Are You The Next Big Star? which is a reality singing competition. The 23-year-old native of Cagayan Valley hopes to win the contract and be famous. Of course, he is up against equally cute and sexy guys.

Geoff Taylor and Alex Castro

l-r: PJ Gonzales, Jay Perillo and Greggy Santos
Competition’s stiff: there’s a Dennis Trillo doppelgänger in the person of 23-year-old Alex Castro from Bulacan. Former ABS-CBN singing contestant, 20-year-old Jay Perillo is also in the contest. Tall, dark and cute 18-year-old PJ Gonzales is an early favorite with his raspy voice. And the articulate jock, 22-year-old former VJ Greggy Santos is also a notable candidate in the search. This one’s a good-looking bunch, if you ask me. Are You The Next Big Star? airs early evening every Saturday on GMA-7.

Then and Now: Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor, the Filipino-American model-singer who found fame through ABS-CBN’s Dream Academy, seems to have gained a bit of poundage from the last time we featured him. Before, he looked lean and mean [and clean-cut] in the photo on the left.  Now, Geoff is doing a swollen moment, as seen in the image on the right, which photo was taken last November in a Mossimo fashion show. I like the then photo, to tell you frankly.

Redux: Geoff Taylor

Here are more images of sexy model and singer Geoff Taylor. Of course, he can smack-dab fit into those speedo-style briefs, no matter how tacky and garish they are. That is because he used to be a model prior to joining showbiz as a singer.  The 5’11”-tall native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan is now busy concentrating on his singing career by appearing in out-of-town shows.  With such looks and talent [and bod!], Geoff Taylor will soon be on his way to fame. 

Geoff Taylor strips!

Geoff Taylor returns!  The former Pinoy Dream Academy contestant, who dreamt of making it big in the, uh, big city, is back sans clothes.  The 5’11”-tall former model and now-singer from Cagayan Valley is nekkid in his latest photos.  Of course, he can do that disrobing pretty well as he has a nice bod. Remember he used to be a contestant in the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit, plus he did some modeling before.  Here’s hoping he will truly find his niche in showbiz.

Come-Hither: Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor was a former model who made waves at the Pinoy Dream Academy reality show last year. The 21-year-old native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley was a finalist at the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit [won byJerome Ortiz with runner-up Hermann Weber]. Many thought that his entry into the Dream Academy show would pave the way for this budding singer, what with his height [5’11” tall] and looks [his father is American]. Unfortunately, he was eliminated during the contest and not much happened to him, except for minor gigs in concerts. He was last seen at the major concert of one of the PDA runners-up last week, where he reportedly got P10,000.00 gratuitously from an admiring gay fan in the audience.