The Boys of Dyesebel

Starting tonight on ABS-CBN, we’ll get to see another mermaid series on prime time tv.  The boys who will bare their mighty torsos are Gerald Anderson and

Sam Milby. Will the boys be sexy shirtless all the time in the beach? Will they wear tiny shorts underwater? Will Gerald finally wear tight Speedos? Or Sam – barely out of oblivion – strip down to his boxer briefs? Wishful thinking, actually.


Isn’t he adorable? Gerald Anderson is enjoying himself under the hot, hot sun in the sea. He’s off training for his newest prime time soap involving merfolk and mermaids.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see more shirtless Gerald in the future!

Beach Body

Erstwhile  ABS-CBN leading-man-in-waiting Gerald Anderson is back, and he’s doing prime time again. The 24-year-old actor is all set to star as one of the lead actors in the mermaid show Dyesebel.  Considering that this is all about the sun, sea and sand [and subaquatic settings], Gerald might just take off his shirt in some scene or two.  

Oh Ge!

Oh my! Is this really our beloved Gerald? In any case, I will just have to imagine it is him, piss and all.


These are scenes too from the 24/7 In Love movie where Gerald Anderson gratuitously showed some skin, a bit of skin, via boxer shorts and a toned bod.  Of course, we rarely see the young hunk in his tiny skivvies, but he somehow manages to be caught sometimes with his pants down on screen.  Here’s hoping he will snag one of those underwear endorsements in the near future.


Real guy Gerald Anderson is getting handsomer and handsomer each day. He is definitely poised to take over as the top guy in his home studio soon. This month, he covers the issue of Men’s Health Philippines magazine where he reveals his diet and gym regimen.

Hump Day Boy!

The current boy for the moment may be Xian Lim but the leading-man-in-waiting over at ABS-CBN is still Gerald Anderson. The 23-year-old actor is growing up to be one fine hunk, ahead of the effeminate, fussy, sissy wannabes in showbiz. Happy Hump Day!

Brighter, Better

Somehow, I’m loving this photo of actor Gerald Anderson. Sweaty. Hairy. Legs. Even if he has his shirt [and shorts!] on, methinks this boy’s sexy in all the right places. For those who missed his absence in the prime time soaps, he’s all set to come back on ABS-CBN via the series Budoy.

Pretty Boy

I have been watching his recent movies lately, and I think Gerald Anderson is getting handsomer and handsomer each day. He is definitely poised to take over as the top guy in his home studio soon. Happy weekend everyone!

Naughty Boy!

Still on Screencaps Friday [and Happy 4th Year Anniversary to this site today]! Growing up to be one fine young man is Gerald Anderson – the next top leading man of his home studio. Although he’s one of the primary endorsers of clothing brand Bench – known for its risqué underwear shoots, Gerald has kept his pants on. Well, except in his movie Paano Na Kaya, where he stripped down to his Batman boxer briefs. Cute.
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