Some issues on Chris Friel

From Oliver Carnay of, I received mail remarking on recent posts about Chris Friel. L.A.-based and seasoned photog, publicist and reporter Mr. Carnay, who chronicles Philippine and Hollywood entertainment news and events in the widely-read, has published an open letter to Chris Friel in the website, which letter reads in part as:

“In this business, I have accepted that many people are very ungrateful. But I told myself I will not be like them. I hope, Chris, that you’ll learn to give credit where credit is due and you’ll appreciate what people have done for you. Sometimes, just a little “thank you” is even enough. I was not asking for any money for the things I’ve done for you. I was just asking for a little respect. Just a little respect!

At this last pageant, during the rehearsal, you were asked which country you would represent, and you replied, “I have to get back with you on that!” You mean, after winning the title Ginoong Pilipinas USA, you are not sure yet of which country you will represent?

You have lied to me and to some people I know. Up to this point, you haven’t appreciated the Filipinos around who took care of you. Are you really the Filipino you are claiming you are? “

For the complete letter of Mr. Carnay, follow the link.
This would now be the time when I do my tsk-tsk-tsk: Looks like Mr. Friel has a lot of explaining to do.

Messrs. USA: Travis Kraft and Chris Friel

I don’t know but is it just me or something else: the guys in the photo above look like they just got trucked in from the wax museum. Travis Kraft [left] and Chris Friel , were USA’s representatives to the 2007 and 2006 editions of Manhunt International, respectively. Both lost. Chris Friel, who is of Filipino-Japanese descent won this year’s Mr. Asia USA, sponsored by a Thai university. Travis Kraft, on the other hand, has been turning up in Manila’s billboards and TV commercials of late, aside from regular guest appearances in TV soaps as the token American guy. Both guys came to the country upon the invite of singer-host Lance Raymundo, who claims that Chris Friel is his long-lost cousin [Sorry Reg, I’m not buying it, say, I don’t see the freakin’ family resemblance.] Just the same, we are delighted at your arrival and visit in the Philippines, Messrs. USA.

Mr. Asia USA 2007: Chris Friel

Filipino-Japanese Chris Friel won this year’s edition of the Mr. Asia USA, besting 30 other Asian men at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last April 7. The event, endorsed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and sponsored by Thailand’s Katesart University, aims to give proceeds to the AIDS Temple, a hospice in Thailand. Also declared as winners were Mike Hake from Thailand (who has a quarter Filipino blood), receiving $700 cash prize for winning 1st runner-up and Filipino-American, John Andreas who was declared as Mr. Supermodel in said contest.

It must be remembered that the 5’11”-tall Chris Friel, won last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas-USA edition [photos above]. For winning the Mr. Asia USA 2007 pageant, Chris received a $1,500 cash prize and a free one-year acting class at MichaelJohn Studio in Van Nuys, California. Photo credits: Oliver Carnay from