Vic Martinez sans make up!

Too, no waterproof make-up! No healing brushes! Here’s twenty-four year-old Vic Martinez, representing Dipolog City in this year’s edition of Ginoong Pilipinas. The 6′-tall hunk was a runner-up in the regional preliminaries but the organizers of the local pageant deemed it best to send him instead to the national finals. It looks like they may be right in their choice after all, as he is touted as one of the top bets in the nationals this year, along with Ryan “JC” Dungo of Mandaluyong City.

Vic Martinez is Ginoo crowd favorite

At the Ginoong Pilipinas preliminaries yesterday – when the swimwear, formal wear and talent portions were held, the surprise audience favorite was not a boy from the big city. Dipolog City’s bet, Vic Jarane Martinez was the fair-haired bet last night, and from the judges’ favorable looks whenever he comes out on stage, he might just snag the title. Vic Martinez is 24 years old and stand 6′-tall. He was the second runner-up in the Ginoong Pilipinas – North Western Mindanao contest, won by Benjie Alvarez. Images above were sent in by alvindip from the local pageant.

JP Jusay in Ginoong Pilipinas 08

Jose Pranz “JP” Jusay is one of the more prominent candidates in this year’s Ginoong Pilipinas male pageant. Methinks he will win one of the major prizes – if not the top plum – in this competition because he is handsome enough, with a body to die for [plus the fact that he entered the contest via the other JP , the sponsor of the swimwear]. Too, he has the experience as JP has long been in the minor modeling circuit and bikini pageants. He was the first runner-up in Ginoo‘s main rival, Maharlikang Pilipino a few years back. Trivia about JP: He is the grandson of the great actor Manuel Conde of the Juan Tamad movies of yore. Manuel Conde is the father of JP’s mom.

Ginoong Mindanao: Benjie Alvarez

From photos sent in by alvindip, here’s the winner of Ginoong Pilipinas – North Western Mindanao, 5’10” looker Benjie Alvarez. The guy’s got a nice face, and with a little bit of weight training, could give the Manila contestants in the national pageant a run for the top title. Benjie Alvarez bested 14 other guys in the region at the Ginoo search, which was held on 5 April at the Atrium Top Plaza Hotel in Dipolog City.

Body Shots: Harold Oide

Fresh-looking Harold Oide is one of the contestants in this year’s edition of Body Shots, a modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP]. The 20-year-old native of Baguio City is hopeful that he’ll get one of the top prizes in the contest, just like what he achieved in last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas [He was named Ginoong Pilipinas – Tourism 2007]. Images above were from his Ginoo days, where he covered himself up in gold paint and danced in the talent competition.

Peter Ojano exposed

At the Ginoong Pilipinas-Metro Manila 2008 search, 21-year-old Peter Ryan Ojano was a standout and crowd favorite – tall, mestizo with a nice body. However, when the winners were called, his name was not in the list and many were baffled. Of course, it was a pre-arranged contest, and Peter Ojano was not in the favored circle then. Now, the Adamson University-student who has so much potential, is making his moves to be known.

Huge Potential: Lance Howard

At last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, one mestizo stood out from the pack. Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall hunk who represented Quezon City at the finals night, was one of the crowd favorites. During the pageant’s talent contest, he did a mean Harlem Shake [a dance which involves shimmies (shoulder shakes), pops (leg spasms) and ticks (robotic starts and stops)], totally different from the usual declamation and tribal-in-underwear-of-course dance by most candidates. Lance Howard landed in runner-up position at the finals. He has since gone off to Singapore for greener modeling pastures.