Please sit down.

How was your Monday? Was it frenzied and furious, like you were in a madhouse?  Are you feeling tired and rotten and awful?  Does it seem unlikely that anything can hold much longer? It’s just the first day of the week. You have four more to go at work or school or what-have-you. So why don’t you sit down and enjoy the slow shove, twists and turns. Of the world, that is.  It won’t hurt. Just try and relax.

May Day!

It’s International Workers’ Day or Labor Day today – a holiday in celebration of the economic and social achievements of workers. Which means, it is a day to commemorate the struggles of, and at the same time pay tribute to employees, workers and other –ers, who are constantly toiling for honest pay. On this marked date, the working classes in a number of countries have found different and new ways to express their angst and joys. In our site, the expression is one of joy a.k.a. Golden.

Intoxicating: Rhum Palermo

With the summer season, expect more daring men to bare themselves publicly in contests and shows and publicity photos. A few years back, one guy unhesitatingly dropped his skivvies. Now 24 years old, Rhum Palermo used to model for the bikini [and non-bikini] series of shows that started the trend in daring mainstream spectacles. Of course, that is his screen name, as he is known also with the name Golden P___. He now works for a major broadcasting company, according to sources.


When the era of gauzy underwear fashion shows was about to take off, Rhum Palermo was one of the most daring ones who forgot to wear his jockeys but tried to gussy up for the cameras anyways. He was part of the first fashion show [five years ago] at the old O Bar in Malate, which see-through extravaganza started the flimsy- bikini-show monomania. For publicity photos of the event, Rhum Palermo [who now uses his real name Golden P__, sounds like Palermo] unabashedly posed for the cameras, stripped and stark-naked. He now works for a major broadcasting company, according to generous sources.