T-back Thursday

Oh, whatever happened to Harry Laurel [and Justin de Leon, too]? Where are they now past their  indie nekkid frolic prime? Back when we were not yet awfully sated with cute boys dropping their pants, showing their butt and scrotum, these two lorded it over the gay fantasies of yore appearing in one memorable film and countless queer magazine spreads. Those were the days.

Harry, Too

Speaking of Paulo Avelino, one seems to wonder what if his friend and room mate, Parola superstar Harry Chua stuck it out in showbiz longer? You know, mainstream stuff, like teeny love teams and all those cutesy matters a normal showbiz fledgling does on tv? What if Harry didn’t do bikini contests, indie flicks with gay themes, and full frontal nudity then? Would he be just as famous as Paulo now, juggling a busy schedule for Bench Body, mall shows and serious prime time soaps? [Harry, last we heard, is now a seaman in Cebu – darker and older but still carries the boyish good looks that endeared him to a gay audience years ago.]


Someone sent this candid shot of Parola superstar Harrison Chua a.k.a. Harry Laurel. Apparently, this was taken at some fashion show featuring under- and swimwear models, with cute Harry as one of the highlights of the presentation. As I have said before, he may not be as fit as a starving and bulimic model but he is definitely cute and hot as a young bear cub. Now I’m missing Harry!

Harry Latest

These are amateur photos sent in by a reader who wants to remain anonymous. Apparently these are latest pictures [a bit hazy] of erstwhile actor Harry Chua a.k.a. Harry Laurel, who appeared in the pioneering gay flick, Ang Lalake sa Parola. Private citizen Harrison Chua was reportedly spotted in a show organized locally, which show required him to wear briefs. And while he may not be fit as a starving model, he is still cute and cuddly as a bear cub.

Parola Anniversary

A couple of years ago a little movie called Ang Lalake sa Parola premiered at the UP Film Institute to a big happy crowd. It launched the showbiz career of one Harry Laurel later re-named Harry Chua, an innocent-looking and fresh-faced bikini open regular. Of course, he was a big revelation in the movie, which was written for the screen by Lex Bonife and directed by Jay Altarejos. The movie had a successful commercial run a month after, and people were clamoring for more of Harry. Sadly, he put on a little poundage and the movie offers got scarce until he disappeared from the scene.

Harry Surviving

He could have been doing this right now in Palau island where the Philippine edition of the Survivor reality show franchise was recently shot. One-time famous actor Harry Laurel a.k.a. Harry Chua auditioned for Survivor and got past the second round. Unfortunately, he got cut in the interview portion and I’m not so sure if this was because of the no-celebrity-in-the-show clause. And then again, Harry Chua‘s not really a celebrity – he got famous in the highly successful Parola movie and that was that. Too bad, Harry’s not in the show. He could have spiced some things up in there. Plus, it would have resuscitated his showbiz career.

Ginoong Magayon

Relative to the Harry Chua post yesterday, someone sent recent photos of the Ginoong Magayon 2009 contest, a male personality contest held every year during the Magayon Festival of Albay Province. Harry was one of the contestants and most-watched. Unfortunately, just like in the Mr. Albay 2004 contest, he did not get the title. Harry is, I think no. 15 in the pictures. The proclaimed winner was the one in the red tie.

How’s Harry?

Well, he’s always a favorite in this site as he’s cute and daring and innocent and sexy. Harry Chua had his ups and downs in his showbiz career, but he’s fighting on. After getting his big break in the Parola movie, he disappeared for a time [and gained weight]. Now, talks are rife that he might do a movie with the Johnron on the condition that he should lose the excess fats – fast! And what is Harry up to now? He competed in a local bikini pageant in Bicol and auditioned for a reality show in a major network [no updates yet]. Of course, he is still trying to drop the sandbags and sinkers.

Dream Cast Update

A few days ago there’s this post about a new movie with a dream cast consisting of the Johnron, Jude Marco and Harry Chua [in photo]. The movie, which will be independently produced by a flush-and-gilded friend of the three sexy boys, will be shot in Macau, Hong Kong and Manila. Yet, as with other movie projects, birth pains are showing. Although he is the top choice for one of the lead roles, Harry was asked to lose weight fast, as his girth now is three times that of his Parola days. Jude Marco and the Johnron, on the other hand, could not yet fix their respective vacation schedules. As top earners of the Macau establishment where they work, they were initially not allowed to file for leave of absence at the same time. And then again, there’s always a pleasant solution to every problem. Hopefully, these matters will be settled soon enough for the eventual shooting of the movie.

Dream Cast

Jude Marco Sy-pongco is back and there’s good news as he opens a new door!

l-r: the Johnron, Harry Chua and Jude Marco Sy-pongco
Last Saturday, 7 February 2009, Harry Chua a.k.a. Harry Laurel and his manager plus a movie producer, dropped by Macau and met up with the Johnron and boy-of-the-hour Jude Marco Sy-pongco.  The next day, the group proceeded to Pok Liu [Lamma Island] in Hong Kong for a photo shoot of the three boys. This meeting was held to discuss the new documentary and indie film [untitled at present] that Harry, Johnron and Jude Marco will most definitely be doing together in the next couple of months. Since Harry needs to lose a bit of the poundage, shooting will start next month in Macau, Hong Kong and Manila.  Photo above was taken a few days ago, and if you ask me, the boys look great!