Hayden Kho bares

It’s called love. In the latest ads coming out to promote the Belo Medical Group’s services for vain men and gay men, the good doctor, Hayden Kho, Jr. disrobes for the camera and for his lady love. The good thing about it is that we all get to see it in their web site.  Yes, the former male model and now-aspiring actor and singer – and doctor, flaunts his body by Belo, like there’s no tomorrow.  And I’m loving it!

The buzz on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Despite recent backroom talk about some medical malpractice suit settled in dizzying millions of pesos, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. seems undaunted. The 6’2″-tall celebrity with the long hyphenated title – i.e. model-singer-doctor-actor, is juggling his medical work and showbiz career at the same time. So far, it is working, though, as he has appeared countless times on tv soaps and variety shows while doing his day job as one of the affiliated doctors of the Belo Medical Group. Hayden, who passed the Physician Licensure Exams in 2007, also has certificates from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in Palm Springs, FL and the European Anti-Aging Society in Paris, France.

What’s Hayden up to tonight?

For weeks, Celebrity Duets [Saturdays, 7 pm GMA 7] contestant Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. has thrilled audiences with his cutesy spiels, plus the fact that he has taken off his shirt countless times for the show. Maybe that’s the reason he has stayed that long in the show, never mind the singing. Tonight, not a few people are waiting what he’s going to do next in the show, now that he has already shown his waxed chest and gyrated audaciously on stage.

Hayden takes off his shirt in Celebrity Duets

Hayden Kho, Jr., the resident hunk in Celebrity Duets [Philippine edition], just took off his shirt at the latest show of the singing competition that combines celebrities of different backgrounds with professional singers. The 6’2 1/2″-tall former model [he just passed this year’s Physician Licensure Exams], sang Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses” and at the end of the song, ripped his Body by Belo shirt. Shameless plug for the hunk: To see more shirtless Hayden in the coming shows of Celebrity Duets, text Duets Hayden and send to 367 to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers and 2364 for Globe, Sun and Touch Mobile users.