This is the new traffic hazard along EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City – a huge billboard of the Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka for local brand Folded and Hung. I think this one’s for the new underwear line, a bold and brassy business move that’s going headway against the once- formidable rival, Bench. Now, does this mean another wave of those briefs-and-thongs boards along the busy thoroughfares of Manila? I wouldn’t mind, of course.

Where is Hideo?

It seems that Brazilian-with-Japanese-blood delight Hideo Muraoka has not been very visible lately. Unlike in the past when this 21-year-old hunk was in almost all the runway shows, campaigns and parties in the metro, his presence these days has been very, uh, scarce. Although he’s still in the website of local clothing brand Penshoppe, the new campaign now features British mestizo Justin Hill. I wonder where he is now.

Men in Shorts

It’s the return of the sexy running shorts or bun huggers or whatever you call them short shorts! After years of rule by the baggies, the design of the tight fitting shorts with an inseam of 5 inches or less is totally back.  Actor and model Jon Mullally [left] recently modeled one for Bench.  Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka wore the shorts for Folded and Hung. Both men look very delish in those shorts, natch!

Hideo summers

It’s already April, that time of the year when Aki‘s supposed to be back on Philippine shores, after a four-month vacation [or work?] in Brazil. It’s a good thing Brazilian-Japanese model Danstin Hideo Muraoka is still here – busy posing shirtless for local brand Folded N Hung. Did you know that the 21-year-old hunk [who’s on the cover of the April/May 2009 issue of the leading-edge men’s magazine, Garage], never modeled in Brazil? He only started modeling in Singapore and then in Thailand and Hong Kong before moving to the country.

Traffic Hazard

Well, I’m not exactly complaining. It’s just that right above that busy flyover along C-5 Road from Pasig City on the way to Makati, there’s this giant billboard of local clothing brand Folded N Hung with model Hideo Muraoka.  He’s shirtless [and hairless in the pits]! And driving past that section, I couldn’t help but look up and gape – with a heaping of sexual malice – at this fine specimen.  Hideo Muraoka is a 20-year-old Brazilian-Japanese model, now based in Makati City.

Hideo Muraoka stays

The Professional Models Association of the Philippines [PMAP] held an exhibit recently entitled “Mabuhay Modelong Pinoy,” which is the organization’s campaign “to preserve our sense of pride for true Philippine beauty”  and  “to uphold strength and marketability in Philippine beauty.”  Plain-spoken it means – what the heck are these Brazilians doing in our midst and taking our jobs? It’s PMAP’s way of asserting its vigilance, so to speak. And I’m guessing Aki was not invited. Or Hideo [photo above] was not in the guest list, which curiously included the fashion designers who have a very special fondness for getting foreign models in their shows.  

Molded and Hung

It seems that local brands are going gaga over nipo-brasileiro models in Manila. Penshoppe grabbed the divine Aki for its new campaign, and now Folded and Hung has Hideo Muraoka. The 20-year-old model from Sao Paulo was a student before he packed his bags and decided to try Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and now, the Philippines – for his modeling career. Now based in Manila, Hideo plans to stay in the country for a year before going back to his native country to continue his studies. In the meantime, he’s swamped with modeling offers for tv and print ads.
Update: Hideo has been cast as the “butler” in Gretchen Barretto’s new game show on TV5 entitled You and Me Against the World. The game show is similar in concept to 1 vs. 100.