Body Heat

Can you feel the heat? Shirtless models in a row, who is your pick among the four? Would you like the dark one on the far left. His name is Alvin Aguilar – tall and exotic and one of the in-demand runway models of late. Or that chinito guy next to him – a product of searches and contests where the guys wear short shorts and tight undies. That’s Ian Porlayagan. How about the guy in the buzz cut? He’s a former varsity player and now a fashion model. He goes by the name Derick Hubalde. And finally, if you prefer wan and wizened guys, that’s Marco Odejar on far right.

Pro 3

When professional model Ian Leonel Porlayagan was just starting out, he used to appear in the Wet and Wild Bikini Contest of a small bar along Timog Ave. in Quezon City. Back then he was noticed for his fine skin and chinito features. Then a simple boy from Nueva Ecija trying his luck in crazy Manila, he would go home to “an aunt” in a small hole in the dark bowels of Recto Ave. in Manila. Slowly, he rose to relative fame, vacating his sleazy bikini contest fame for more prestigious competitions such as Mister Philippines 2007 [he won]. After that, he got invited to Cosmo’s annual Bachelors Bash and the Fashion Week series. He has also moved to Peak Tower in Salcedo Village, Makati, sharing a small one-bedroom unit with a loud homosexual, an organizer of a male pageant. Ian Porlayagan has since moved out of that apartment and into the welcoming biceps of a rich benefactor. He now lives a comfortable life. For now. Ah, the luck of the trade!

Ian Porlayagan will fly again

I’m not betting on the title of the post but that’s how it goes. Ian Leonel Porlayagan will soar again after two dramatic losses in the recent competitions he joined – Body Shots 2008 and the Mr. International-Philippines 2008 search. The last one, Mr. International, was most heartbreaking for the 23-year-old farmer from Nueva Ecija. Last year, he won the Mr. Philippines-International title, only to find out later on that said contest was bogus and had no sanction from the international franchise holders. So, Mr. Porlayagan had to try his luck again at the recently-concluded contest only to end up losing the title to someone. I’m pretty sure – this one, I’m not making up – he will come back to jolt and blow us all in the coming weeks [or months] with a radical career move that he just made. Will this red-hot man shock us up front soon?

Back stage

There are different ways to calm one’s nerves before a show where one has to come out on stage nearly naked. Or naked, in some cases. Top photo was taken at the back stage of the Be Bench Grand Finals and Underwear Show held last year at the huge Araneta Coliseum, where Bruce Quebral and Jon Mullally wait for their turns. Overexposed Ian Porlayagan, on the other hand [bottom, left photo] takes a shot of alcohol to relax or maybe to ham it up a little on stage at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash at the NBC Tent. Of course, nothing beats cigarettes for smokers to ease the tension of going out before a live audience in Lips Bar, with no crotch cover [bottom, left photo].

Ian Porlayan fails to compete at the Mister International pageant

Remember the farmer from Nueva Ecija who surprised everyone at the first Mister Philippines pageant by winning the top plum – earning the right to represent the country in the Mister International contest? Ian Leonel Porlayagan, however, failed to attend and compete at the Mister International contest in Malaysia [a Brazilian won the pageant, held on New Year’s Eve]. Apparently, the organizers did not have enough money to finance the trip of Ian Porlayagan to nearby pageant site, Kuching. It must be remembered that the organizers of Mister Philippines also failed to send Michael Raymond Lim [as winner of ExpoWorld-Phils] to the Mister ExpoWorld contest in Guatemala City last year. Instead, Ginoong Pilipinas runner-up Joseph Pallera competed in the Mister ExpoWorld pageant in the Guatemalan capital. Incidentally, the Mister ExpoWorld pageant will be held in the Philippines this year.

Misc. Backstage

Photos sent in by regular regulars, too good not to share. Top one is yoga instructor and dj Al Galang aka Johnny Z [black briefs] fooling around with fellow candidate Thomas “Bo” Rivera backstage at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 finals. The two have been noticed after their Mossimo stint: Johnny Z is now a radio jock for 103.5 MAX FM [1-4 pm daily] while Bo is a Bench model and endorser. Both were Cosmo Men for 2007. On the other hand, lower photo shows Ian Leonel Porlayagan [center], current Mister Philippines and Cosmo Bachelor Bash model, in some leopard-print bikini fashion show. The guy has gone from dumps to dives, after winning the Mister Philippines title.

Ian Porlayagan on the rocks

Mister Philippines 2007 winner Ian Leonel Porlayagan is off to Mexico City this month to compete in the Mr. International pageant. The 22-year-old part-time model and farmer will be on his first trip abroad and he is doubly excited as he will be competing with other nations for the male personality contest. It must be remembered during the national pageant last July that he was the most confident contestant, thereby securing for him the main title. He scored a major upset then over pageant veterans, male pageant winners, and models.

Ian Porlayagan goes to Cosmo

One of the noticeably happier and perkier models during the Cosmopolitan Air 69 Bash was Mister Philippines 2007 winner Ian Leonel Porlayagan. The guy was bouncy like a lottery winner on acid during the show. Perhaps, he’s just weirded out that Cosmo is the big league, a far cry from the small Nueva Ecija male pageants and Bar Uno flimsy bikini contest, where he started out. Which only proves the old saying that trying hard is a virtue. Really.

Winner: Ian Leonel Porlayagan

Twenty-two year old Ian Leonel Porlayagan, was the big winner at last night’s Mister Philippines 2007 pageant. The 5’9″-tall part-time model and farmer from Nueva Ecija finally made it to the top of the pageant crop after his stint at the Mr. World-Philippines 2007 search. Much to the delight and appreciation of the sparse crowd, Ian turned up his voice and stated that he is a proud farmer from Nueva Ecija. UPH and I couldn’t suppress a giggle when two old guys behind us commented in disbelief that maybe he overdosed on Metathione [one of the sponsors], that skin-whitening pill, prior to the contest. Real farmer or not, here’s hoping that Ian Leonel Porlayagan will make it in Mexico City as the country’s representative in the Mister International 2007 pageant. By the way, nice chintzy house.