You’ve seen the front part [i.e. his money shot], now look at his backside! Jeremy Ian Mesias does another turn as he showcases his many angles for the movie Discreetly, which was shown recently in select theaters. The gay flick’s directed by Cris Pablo, who is also at the helm of another all-out boy fleshfest Subok, shown tomorrow [15 September 2010] at Robinsons Galleria, Ruben Cinema Recto, Remar Cinema Cubao, and Colon Cebu.


Once in a while you get this – a nekkid guy on a stool. In a lonely room, curtains gaudy and a whole lot of spunk. Or cockiness. This is Ian Mesias, regularly featured here. His new movie called Discreetly will be shown finally on 8 September 2010 at Robinsons Galleria and Remar Cinema in Cubao and on 29 September 2010 at the Isetann Cinerama in Recto. Discreetly is written and directed by Cris Pablo

Indie Boy

There’s a new independently produced movie coming soon and one of the actors is Ian Mesias. The movie’s entitled Indie Boys, which is about the gay indie movie industry. It is actually the story of a veteran director who was forced to take on a racy movie to prove to everyone that he’s still in his element. Indie Boys will be shown on 25 August 2010 in selected theaters. More details and nekkid boys pretty soon!


Summer is still driving out the boys in their bikinis out in the open. This cute 20-year-old guy has already appeared in a number of gay flicks, e.g. Discreetly by Cris Pablo, and now he wants to try his luck in modeling. Ian Mesias was recently seen as one of the models in the Fabulous Armando Fabia Now fashion show, a “Vegas-type experience with 35 male and female models taking Fabia’s sexy couture to a whole new level.” Ian stands 5’9″-tall and has joined bikini contests in the past.