Caption This

Friday’s smooth and hot guys in bikinis are Lloyd Barredo [left] and Jack Mendoza. Lloyd’s a freelance model, appearing in bikini shows and contests in town for a few years now. The 5’10”-tall looker has also done bit roles for the movies [e.g. Rafael Rosell‘s Bikini Open] and tv [Dingdong Dantes‘s Encantadia]. On the other hand, Jack Mendoza‘s the cute guy who never made it in bikinidom come despite the nice skin, boyish looks and the nice fully-packed package. Happy Friday everyone!

Refreshing: Jack Mendoza

Like the refreshing summer rain.. oops, I wouldn’t go there. It’s just that whenever I see male model Jack Mendoza, my knees wobble a wee bit. He’s cute and charming and sexy and reserved. He just smiles a lot and he looks fresh all the time. Too bad, he didn’t get famous and he didn’t get into the bikini open circuit like his buddy Joseph Kidwell. I wonder where he is now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Jack and Joseph

Jack Mendoza [left] and Joseph Kidwell started out in bikini contests and shows until their respective showbiz career paths headed to different directions. Jack Mendoza went on to do sexy B-flicks and small bikini fashion shows. On the other hand, Joseph Kidwell won Man of the Year 2005 Model Search, and the tv commercials and modeling assignments started to pour in. So far only Joseph Kidwell has been visible on tv and print lately with his ads.