Here’s someone to look out for in the coming year: 21-year-old Jaco Benin. With his unconventional pretty boy looks and talent [he writes songs and sings them well], Jaco is expected to break into pop consciousness soon as movie and tv projects come along the way. Of course, it helps that he has a nice bod, honed from hours of swimming, basketball and hours in the gym when he’s not working in showbiz.

Loco Over Jaco!

Nineteen-year-old Jaco Benin is the son of former Side A band member Joey Benin. He is now part of the latest batch of Star Circle and will appear in ABS-CBN’s reprised youth oriented show “Gimik 2010” to be launched earlier this year. He also performs for the Sunday noontime show ASAP on a musical segment entitled “Full Circle”. There are plans for a solo album to be released soon under Polyeast Records.