Since he looks a bit like professional basketball player James Yap, who has been getting a lot of press lately in the comments page about ballers-on-retainer, I am posting this photo of freelance model Jadel Lee. This post, however, is not about Jadel Lee, who has an incredible body, mean sex appeal and dubious background. This is about the professional ballers who are getting hired. Since they have the means now – as they are earning lots of money from playing on the hard court – I doubt if these league ballers still want some guy sucking on their penises while they hold on to the promise of a few thousand pesos or the latest Zoom Kobe Vs. But who and how were they prior to turning pro, I mean professional basketball players? Anyone?

Rock Hard 2

He’s been around in the modeling biz for quite some time already and yet Jadel Lee is still plodding on. The 27-year-old model has won a number of awards and titles in the bikini pageant circuit. He used to be a dancer for a group called Power Image, which performs mostly in mall shows. He also dabbled with theater then [remember the all-male revue Penis Talks?] Now, with his rock hard body, Jadel Lee is undaunted as he presses on with his modeling career.

Lee Spicy!

Male model Jadel Lee used to frequent the summer competitions that required contestants to put on skimpy-slinky swimwear. The 27-year-old hunk’s last contest was at the Hataw Super Bodies 2007, where he lost to a much-younger Kish McBride. This 5’10”-tall graduate of BS Tourism from the Centro Escolar University is now busy doing print ads and runway shows for commercial brands and fashion designers.

Jadel Lee returns

This is a photo of bikini open regular Jadel Lee when he was a wee bit younger and leaner.  The 26-year-0ld hunk, who was a contestant in Hataw Super Bodies 2007, is a BS Tourism graduate from the Centro Escolar University [CEU].  He started joining the speedos-and-skin contests in 2004 when he won Eastwood City’s first bikini open and Face of Bassilica Bar.  He was also one of the boys who did a full monty in the play Penis Talks.

Gio and Jadel

The one with the fuzz cut? Or the guy with the long tresses? Giovanni Dimaano is the baldie – a freelance model who stands 6′. He took up nursing at the Lipa City Colleges. Jadel Lee sports the long hair – also a freelance model, still active in the bikini-contest-circuit. He stands 5’10” and says his goal in life is to be a flight steward.