Lay Down

IMG_0310Today is a good day to lie down and relax. Maybe watch a movie or even the television. While you’re at it, tune in to Karelasyon later after Eat Bulaga on GMA. The episode, which is actually pushing the envelope on risqué subjects, is all about kept men  Jeric Gonzales, Martin del Rosario and Mark McMahon. I must say, the rich gay guy has taste.

jakeyMaybe if I’m that rich person, I’ll take Martin on Mondays, Mark on Tuesdays and Jeric on weekdays, with an all out party with dem three boys on weekends. But I digress, all I’m saying is that we should all watch later. The other guy lying down is Jake Cuenca who has not actually hung up his underwear for modeling purposes. He’s the newest endorser of Guitar and I can’t giddy-wait for his next shots!

While my Guitar…

IMG_1312We thought we saw the last of Jake Cuenca when he broke the internet with his plump-spectacular segment at the Bench Naked Show more than a year ago. After all, he announced his retirement from the local underwear brand as its endorser. The big surprise is that Jakey‘s back, this time for Guitar underwear, as fit as he first appeared in his undies in public more than a decade ago! Who’s shifting to Guitar?

There’s something…

Jakey1 copy… about Jake Cuenca these days. He’s hotter with the long hair. The abs are back. Although the ex-resident exhibitionist of Bench Body has since retired from the flash-and-flaunt shows and ads of the underwear company, he is still one hot guy! He has to be bare-skinned always.

The passion of Jake

JakeyWhen Jake Cuenca broke the internet last year at the Bench Naked Truth show with his wild fat rump romp on stage, everyone thought he’s a goner. Now, the 27-year-old actor appears to be in in proper fighting form again, as he has lost the lard.  These days, though, he’s gone too serious with his method acting, product of a New York acting class a while back.

Pasión de Amor

IMG_9811The ads and promo materials did not mention the show title as Diván del Director or “Casting Couch.” Instead, Ejay Falcon, Jake Cuenca and Joseph Marco, all famous (or notorious) for snagging roles in their home studio for sheer talent and sus favores al director de reparto, are in the oddly-titled Pasion de Amor soap. Of course, aside from the drama that will showcase their acting chops, I’m also looking forward to the gratuitous baring of their bodies (see photo above and others in the worldwide web).

Tats Miscellaneous

Oh, these boys and what they do to their bodies! Do you think they’re sexy?

carlo-sawit copy

Baby-faced Carlo Sawit gets the message across.


Cutie Carlo Guevara shows off the obvious ones (he has 3 stars on his butt cheeks)


Brazilian Diego Furoni goes vanilla –  on his arm.


Erstwhile teenybopper Polo Ravales prefers the ink sleeve.


Bikini boy Rez Fil with the hidden message.

jiro3 copy

Underwear model Jiro Shirakawa likes ’em hip.


While model Mark McMahon wants it on the waist.

ronnie t

Notorious social media boy Ronnie Toribio put one on his neck.


Jake Cuenca strategically places it lower.


And Dennis Trillo has it all over.

At a Glance


Jakey giving the stiff one-eye on Allen Molina.

❤ Jakey


Happiness is Jake Cuenca.

Battle of the Bulge

Cute Sexy Cub


We always knew, right? That 29-year-old actor  Geoff Eigenmann is a biggie man!  He lost a lot of weight and he’s going around town proudly showing off his new body. Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a relatively leaner and tighter bod. But big bulge, still.


Stout is the New Sexy


We still love Jake Cuenca to bits. He’s putting it all out for the carbs eaters out there. That it’s perfectly fine to gobble loads of rice and giant burgers and  chunks of steaks, with some lard and Cheetos on the side. Our ultimate Bench Body endorser did his a swan song last weekend, and he went out on top!


In case you  are interested in Jakey’s package. Here’s a tiny glimpse.


Higher, Higher

Jake1 Jake2 Jake3 Jake4 Jake5

Let’s start with Jakey. A Bench Body flash and flesh spectacle is never complete without Jakey’s presence. Or Jakey’s butt, for that matter. Earlier, he took the concept of an underwear show to greater heights.

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