Pretty Boy

How old is Big Brother Teen Edition (2010) winner James Reid?
 Is he old enough to do some baring and teasing?
He looks delish, if you ask me, in these scenes from his latest rom-com,
Diary ng Panget, based on the novel of the same title.
Everyone’s keeping an eye on this movie, which could either hit big or miss the box-office mark.
Considering the status of the novel as one of the most-read stories in recent years, 
James’s starrer could very well make him a bigger star.
Diary ng Panget, will be shown in theatres starting 2 April 2014 nationwide!

Wet Boy

Twinkie Friday! Eighteen-year-old James Reid – the Big Brother [Teen Edition] winner in 2010 – may not be as popular as the bigger teen actors in ABS-CBN but he’s slowly making a name for himself in show business. The Filipino-Australian cutie, who is a gymnast and a swimmer in the real world, is patiently waiting in the wings, as he takes on supporting bits for the stations shows.