So there. These are the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s centerfolds this year. Well, almost. Phil and Neil aren’t posted here because you’ve seen them already in previous posts – Phil shirtless and Neil in his F&H undies by the red brick wall. While there’s a proliferation of Azkals hunks, there’s no rep from the hot Volcanoes this time. Who’s hot, who’s not? Do you think this is a good lot this year?

The Brothers Younghusband

Between the footballer brothers James and Phil Younghusband, who’s hotter? James is the older and taller one. He’s turning 23 this September. Phil is the younger one as he is turning 22 this August. While both play football with passion, James is the middlefielder while Phil is the striker. Aside from sports, both brothers are into modeling and endorsement deals. Of course, Phil is the more visible one as he joined Celebrity Duets last year, snagged some underwear deal and endorsed a health drink.