The boys are at it again. Taking pictures of their bodies
in front of mirrors. What the heck, I’m not complaining. 
They’re cute and sexy.
And vain, if you ask me.
The Prince of Selfies Ian Batherson 
(“King” would have to go to his ex-friend, Ahron)

Dancer Jan Stephen Noval is working hard for that bod!

Model Miguel Lasala is making great progress.

Ex-cutie Melmar Magno is now one hunk of a man!

Basketball player Paolo Hubalde is in the market. I meant, in the zone!

And ex-Hotmen member Paolo Serrano is not all washed up yet.


Why is everyone suddenly asking for photos of newbie-new babe Jan Stephen Noval? Well, he’s cute but why the immediate interest in this boy?  All I know is that he’s a prized member in the bump-and-grinder GForce group. Do you want to see him sweaty?