Jay Santos Cooling

This is the other Jay Santos who’s equally cute and hunky as the Singapore-based Jay Santos. He graduated last year from the Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela, M.M.  with a Nursing degree.  While in school, the 5’10”-tall Jay Santos did the rounds of bikini contests in the city. However, he’ll be sorely missed in this season’s competitions as he is reportedly based now in California as a nurse.   

Yay! It’s Jay!

He is back! Well, at least in this site.  Male model Jay Santos , who is sorely missed in our shores [because he is now working in Singapore], returns to, uh, titillate us as he poses in the woods.  Jay Santos was last seen strutting his stuff for the gay rag Frontman when he was here. Twenty-six-year-old Jay Santos is from Floridablanca, Pampanga and a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management from the National College of Business and Arts [NCBA].

Jay Santos returns

Twenty-six-year-old Filipino model Jay Santos returns in this site with a yummy photo to thrill us.  He is now based in Singapore, working at the popular fancy restaurant PS Cafe.  He has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the National College of Business and Arts. That explains his career path. In between work in the city-state, Jay Santos somehow managed to pose for the gay rag, Frontman here in Manila.  I’m wishing he comes home again soon, with more daring pictures next time.

Hey Jay!

Hey Jay! How was your day? That’s Jay Santos again, if you guys don’t mind the posting. He appeared as the mysterious model in the latest issue of Frontman magazine, and from then on, there have been requests [next to that Ram Ace person] to post more photos of him. So far, I haven’t gathered any info yet about the model, and for now, he will remain as the enigmatic naked guy.

Who is Jay Santos?

In the latest issue of Frontman magazine, there is one fresh-looking model who goes by the name of Jay Santos, who lists himself as a print and commercial model. From out of nowhere, he appears in a sexy tempest of photos that will leave cravings for more. Of course, the camera loves his face [and bod!] so much, any angle of Jay in various states of undress is drool-worthy. And I’m swooning. Just buy the magazine, guys, and see for yourself.