Welcome Back Jeff!

Look who’s in town! It’s that handsome and sexy-as-fuck model Jeff Langan! He was seen auditioning for a modeling contest here, and I am absolutely sure he’ll win this one. By a mile! And so, while it’s Thursday, here are some Jeff Langan Appreciation photos to brighten your hard day. (more…)

Jeff & John

jeffjohnYou’ve seen everything about Jeff Langan and John Spainhour, two of the hottest models from the Bench Body mill. Another photo of them together wouldn’t hurt, right? Not if they’re in their tighty whities, posing and preening for us all.

Shining Through


Jeff2 copy

Jeff1 copy

I know you can’t get enough of favorite international model Jeff Langan, so here are more photos of the guy in all his resplendent glory, with a little help from a certain photo editing software. So gaze and be amazed, and let’s measure his penis size model’s worth in these images!

Jeff and John


Beauty and physical perfection once descended on the Bench Body backlot (or basement) in the likenesses of Jeff Langan and John Spainhour.  Now, it’s a tad difficult to choose between these hunks. Both are ripped and buff, with strong and fit bodies to boot. I won’t ask you to choose, of course. Let the temperatures soar!

The lazy Monday post


Jeff12I know, Monday is such a drag. It always comes around so quickly. All I want to do is stay in bed and – how do you say it? – vegetate (maybe, with Jeff Langan).  And then again there’s that thing called making a living. Off to the salt mines!

Sunday fuller, something to come

IMG_1257That subtle pout! Our favorite Bench Body model interrupted, Jeff Langan is back in his usual underwear-clad self after that very hasty departure from our local shores last year. While we will stop speculating for now what made him leave his flourishing career at the click of a drop of a hat, I am just too glad our local magazines are still reaching out to him on the other side of the ocean. For a sexy underwear shoot, of course.

One by one all day


Now it would be tough and utterly unfair if I ask you to choose between these boys, right? Models with hard bodies and interesting faces.  Jeff Langan (left) and John Spainhour are two of the finest Bench Body models to date. Do you prefer the baby-smooth guy or the hairy one? Some go for the hairy ones – bearded and bushy, fluffy and furry. Others choose the silky soft bodies of sexy men. It’s a matter of preference, really. I’d take both, if you ask me.

The boys at the tower

spain3 copyspainhourwinter

JeffLang copy

And while it’s Sunday, lazy Sunday, more of the boys from the tower.

I hope you are on your rooftop now

Jeff Langan

Sorely missed in the underwear modelling scene, I wonder what happened to Jeff Langan? He had so much promise. Everyone thought he’s poised to be the next in line at the Bench Body empire.  Until he disappeared from local shores all of a sudden. Of course, salacious rumors about his hasty exit are not entirely true.


img320 copy

What time is it? Time for some sexy, VPLed handsome model! Jeff Langan shows us sexy and how. He’s one of the newest endorsers of the thin and gauzy underwear of Bench Body. Here, Jeff emphasizes his point.

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