The Consort

Oh, what’s a bit of gossip on Monday morning?! Erstwhile bit actor and underwear model Jiro Shirakawa has confirmed that he’s now employed in a high-flying job that takes him to wonderful places only you (and you!) can imagine. We are not wont to pass judgment now, are we?

To ease your begrudging heart, here are relatively old photos of Jiro in his teenie tiny skivvies, who once made some hearts aflutter and loins a-burning with his hot poses.  And yes, employer is one lucky b__. Life is unfair.


The Companion

Where in the world is Jiro Shirakawa? Sometimes he’s spotted in Europe, oft times in the US. The traveling boy – always photographed solo for his social media humblebrags – was last seen in public at the Miss Universe event as the barong-clad bodyguard (a.k.a. close protection officer) of a personality who made a fortune in low-end eau de toilette.

Nikko Rising


This could very well be the Separated at Birth post about Nikko Natividad and Jiro Shirakawa. Somehow they have physical qualities that are similar. Besides, both are contest winners before venturing into showbiz and well, modeling.


Yet, this post is solely for Nikko, who’s been getting noticed lately, away from the motley group Hashtags.  Thanks to his appearance in Pinoy Big Brother, people are now aware of a certain Nikko Natividad, one of those rare inked boys I now adore (alongside Zeus and Jiro, of course). And, yes, we’ll get into that HashtagsScandal sooner or later.

Tat Boy!

jiro126Oh these pretty boys messing up their smooth bodies with, with ink! First, handsome top model Vince Canizares doodled all over his torso and legs like some giant white board. Now, it’s cutie Jiro Shirakawa‘s turn to fill his model bod with ink! He now has a giant tat sleeve! You find it attractive?

Tats Miscellaneous

Oh, these boys and what they do to their bodies! Do you think they’re sexy?

carlo-sawit copy

Baby-faced Carlo Sawit gets the message across.


Cutie Carlo Guevara shows off the obvious ones (he has 3 stars on his butt cheeks)


Brazilian Diego Furoni goes vanilla –  on his arm.


Erstwhile teenybopper Polo Ravales prefers the ink sleeve.


Bikini boy Rez Fil with the hidden message.

jiro3 copy

Underwear model Jiro Shirakawa likes ’em hip.


While model Mark McMahon wants it on the waist.

ronnie t

Notorious social media boy Ronnie Toribio put one on his neck.


Jake Cuenca strategically places it lower.


And Dennis Trillo has it all over.

Big Like You


A little flab is in. Chunky is the new sexy. After Jake Cuenca‘s turn impersonating a Metro Manila police officer at the recent Bench strip and flesh show, perennial underwear model Jiro Shirakawa proudly shows off his assets. He’s still very desirable, if you ask me.


After a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly ended his life, model Jiro Shirakawa is back in excellent form. Well, almost. Although he gained a bit of poundage, he’s still working the underwear modelling bit just fine.

In Red

Perpetually boyish Jiro Shirakawa is our boy for the Chinese New Year! Decked in lucky red underwear, Jiro’s hot Oriental look is making him one of the busiest guys for booking this side of town. Aside from his underwear endorsement for a direct-selling company, he appears in almost every runway show, TV commercial and print ad.

Jiro Selling Underwear

And this, folks, is how one sells underwear! Jiro Shirakawa has a crazy-ass bod, perfect for underwear modelling this part of the globe.  He has been doing it for quite some time now, it could be his second skin already.

Models + Kirstey

Shirtless models! Of course, you know Filipino-Japanese Jiro Shirakawa [rightmost] of Bench Body, MossimoMSE and Natasha underwear fame. Then there’s sexy Brazilian Thiago Guenther [middle]. Dutch-Tunisian model Samir Ayeb [leftmost] is a familiar face in Manila’s modeling and club scene. He’s best friends with Raymond, too. And then, there’s this guy at the back, who goes by the name of Kirstey Viray, who has gone up the modeling ladder. Back when he was starting out, Kirstey was a bikini open regular. His talent in the contests is bumping and grinding nekkid in silver body paint. See pictures below.
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