A Band Of Boys

Why is Richard Gutierrez surrounded by shirtless boys in cutoff denim shorts? Are these images for a gay indie flick – where he’s the star among badass, testosterone-filled horndogs in some grim, post-apocalyptic landscape? Sort of, except for the “gay” and “indie.” Mr. Gutierrez is doing a Valentine movie for Regal Films and it’s a trilogy. The third episode’s titled “Gunaw” – end of the world, last woman standing, sweaty boys with nice bods and one robust lead actor in denim jacket. There goes the story.


One of the well-known rules of bikini contests is that smaller swimwear [or briefs] means bigger chances of winning the top prize. Of course, an appealing face and toned bod are deal breakers, too. But nothing beats close-fitting undies in competitions where all the men are scoring equally well in the face and body department. The guy in, uh, constricted bikini is Ramon “JM” Layson, Jr., a 5’10”-tall Masbate province native who’s trying his luck in the metro’s [underwear] modeling scene.


Ramon “JM” Layson, Jr. is a 21-year-old student of BS Computer Engineering from the Jose Rizal University. If he looks familiar, this 5’10”-tall native of Masbate has joined the Ginoong Metro Manila 2008, Heatwave 2008 and Summer Bodies 2008 competitions. He may not have won said contests but he is making a mark on pageant aficionados with his unconventional physical attractiveness and sex appeal on stage.