Cooling: Joaquin Casado

Joaquin Casado is a 25-year-old model from Cebu, who wants to make it big in Manila. He was the first runner-up in the Bodyheat Model Search 2007 and a finalist at the Mister World-Philippines search. Joaquin Casado is now signed under a top modeling agency, and can be seen in major fashion shows and ad campaigns. He is always spotted hanging out with another model upstart, Sassan Shohouki.

I Heart Joaquin Casado

At the recent Mister Philippines 2007 pageant, my heart went out to 25-year-old Cebuano stunner Joaquin Casado. Mean brat UPH thinks Joaquin is a bobby, but I guess he was just being sincere and candid beyond the usual pageant answers of peace, love and ending world hunger. Barely inaudible in answering the main question “Why he should win” [or something in that context], he said in broken Filipino that he just wants to help his family in the province and that he is putting up with this “job”, even if it is tiring and backbreaking. Aah, Joaquin Casado must have been doing uphill battles these days. And in the biz, he wants to come off. He breaks my heart. I really hope he makes good.

Stunning: Joaquin Casado

At the recent Bodyheat Model Search 2007, sponsored by the avant-garde designer group, Fashion Artists Foundation, one mestizoid stood out among the batch of contestants in the pre-pageant activities. Bikini contest spectators thought that the tall 25-year old fresh model from Quezon City, Joaquin Casado would eventually walk off with the title in the summer’s last bikini pageant. Unfortunately, he finished first runner-up to a more experienced model Marco Odejar.